ACP Civil War: Day One and Two Recap

MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Capital – Amid recent rising tensions between the Alpha and Echo divisions, the Army of Club Penguin has been thrown conflict with the recent civil war. Read on to find out more about what happened in the first 2 days since the respective declarations.

On Saturday, September 12th, 2020, what initially began as a “Marvel takeover” event quickly devolved into an all out conflict. With troops in disarray and chat thrown into chaos, Max, in true Marvel: Civil War fashion, quickly declared war against the Alphas, stating reasons such as the Alpha’s bad tactics. Alpha quickly retaliated with a response, pointing out how Kailey has been parading “bagged milk” (As a fellow Echo, I must say that I too am appalled to hear such atrocities being committed by an Echo – milk, quite simply, doesn’t belong in bags.). With this, ACP was now officially at war.

This just shouldn’t be allowed.

Day 1: The First Battle
On Sunday September 13th, just one day after the declarations, the Alphas and Echoes faced off in the first battle of their civil war. Echo peaked 33 troops whilst Alpha peaked 22 troops – due to Echo’s size advantage (ACP + Echo + Alpha = 56), they won room 1 and 2, leading to the first Echo victory of the war.
War Score: 2-0-0 (E-A-T)
Day 2: The Find Four Dilemma (w/ Silver Empire)

Alpha and Echo faced off once more on the 14th of September – this time, with guests Silver Empire challenging the Alpha vs. Echo poweress. Echo dominated once again with a size advantage, peaking at 30 troops. Alpha put up a good fight in terms of smart formations and tactics, albeit only peaking at 18 troops (ACP + Alpha + Echo = 54). This led to the first 2 rooms to be declared an Echo victory.
However, the Alphas showed the Echoes that even with a size disadvantage, that they would be Alphas in terms of Find Four skill. With Tymatt making it to the finals, he won the Find Four aspect between Alpha and Echo, albeit losing to Ryan from SE in the end.
The Echoes, winning the 2 rooms, were awarded 2 points; Tymatt, upon making it to the finals, received 2 points for Alpha, making the Find Four battle an official Tie.
War Score: 2-0-1

The first two days saw good fights from both sides – despite the Echo seemingly having a size advantage, the Alphas have shown tenacity in terms of their tactics as well as intellect. Will the apparent underdogs, the Alphas, be able to climb their way up to the top? Or will the Echoes continue to dominate?
Real life pictures of Alpha battling Echoes

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