[UK/US] Alpha vs. Echo vs. Red Ravagers – Results!

Today we logged onto Permafrost – CPRewritten for an interesting event. We had a branch battle but mixed in something a little different. Our branches Echo and Alpha went against each other as well as against our special guests and our allies: the Red Ravagers. We all had an incredible time showing off our fantastic tactics, movements, and forms. Everyone did a fabulous job, but only one team could win! Congrats to…

for winning in a score of 2-1-0 (Win-Loss-Tie)! Team Echo won rooms 1 and 3, while Alpha had won the second room, the docks! At this event, we were able to bring a max of 41! 

Amazing teamwork and sportsmanship from everyone who attended. Big thanks for the Red Ravagers for joining us at this fun event, you all did great! Watch out for more fun events soon. 

Major General

Introducing the Clover Chats Podcast!

Hello ACP!

Today the ACP staff are proud and excited to present the Clover Chats Podcast – an Army of Club Penguin podcast that will happen every Sunday! This has been in the works for some time, and we’re finally putting it into effect as of tomorrow.

Host Zelly, and co-host Yeti, will be discussing all the latest happenings in the army, answering questions and much, much more! Each week the hosts will also be joined by special Higher Command, Staff and Solider guests!

The podcast will be hosted Sunday’s at 1pm EST in the Discord Main VC. However, don’t worry if you miss it as the recorded version will be uploaded to our YouTube channel. 

Click here for the YouTube channel.

See you tomorrow!

Singing off,

[SPEC OPS] Dragon Takeover – Results!

Today we logged onto Blizzard – CPRewritten for our Spec Ops event. We put our Dragon costumes on as we took over the island in this ferocious event. Today we brought a max of 48!

Everyone did a fabulous job at today’s Dragon’s Takeover. Make sure to catch our next event for some more fun!
Major General

[UK] Practice Battle with HF – Results!

Today we went head to head in an intense battle against the Help Force! We battled it out on CPRewritten’s Permafrost. While showing off our great tactics and forms, we also had fun competing against HF! Unfortunately, we did not win today as the judges ruled a 1-2-1 (Win-Loss-Tie) score. On the bright side, everyone who attended did a fabulous job as we were able to max 52!

Pre-Battle Count

Room 1: Docks 

Room 2: Stadium

Room 3: Inside Mine

Room 4: Iceberg

Again, a fantastic job from everyone who attended! Regardless if its a loss, we have much to be proud of. Keep up the hard work!<3

Major General