Podsumowanie tygodnia AKP!!! #8 12th to 18th Kwiecień

Hey everyone from ACP! 
Here we are with another recap cause why not? Hopefully everyone has been doing their best to adapt to these climates ._. We prepared for the CPAM Finals against RPF that was on Saturday! Unfortunatly, we lost. Gotta work on those fast reflexes when rooms are announced. Still, ACP is moving forward and growing stronger everyday!
 The Green Clover Defenders gonna bring ya dope events, we’ve also been doing movie nights sometimes and scribblo games which are rad! or what you zoomers will say “game was fire” :smirking: 
This recap was brought to you by all the awesome and wonderful people at staff/hcom! Their such hardworkers and keep the ACP cogs cranking!  Hope you guys the best, reach for the clouds with your goals. Focus, being at peace, and patience can bring each of us a long way in life c:   I didnt forget the troops as well xD So many new faces determind bring this new generation of ACP to greener pastures. I dont think that made sense ._. Its getting long
SHOUTOUTs: Kolo for gfx, Purple Slime4 < originally made these in the good ol days,
 hcom/staff < red and orange aint my fav color, but the people are great :3, buds.

Sunday 12th of April

No Posts
Monday 13th of April
[UK/US] Battle Training + Sled Racing Tournament!
size: 35
tactic rating: 8.5/10
No Posts
Tuesday 14th of April
Alpha vs Echo [RESULTS]
size: 40
tactic rating: 8/10
No Posts
Wednesday 15th of April
[UK/US] Battle Training + Fashion Show!
size: 38
tactic rating: 8/10
No Posts
Thursday 16th of April
[AUSIA] Green Miners Takeover!
 size: 25+
tactic rating: 8/10
[UK] Battle Training [Results]
size: 35+
tactic rating: 8.5/10
No Posts
Friday 17th of April
No Posts
Saturday 18th of April
CPAM Tournament Finals vs. RPF
size: 65
tactic rating: 8.5/10
[US] Cowboy Event Unscheduled! [Results]
size: 33
                   tactic rating: 6.5/10 funky’s voice….jk lol i wasnt there
No Posts
UK + US Force

Current average size: 55+ =

Performance rating: 8.25/10 =


Current average size: 26 v

Performance rating: 8/10 ^

Overall performance: 16.25/20!

Thanks to all troops who’ve helped out this week, and always the staff/hcom as well! ACP is growing at a steady pace and will continue too!

*The rating is calculated with last week’s 
We had 7 successful events this week!

 We had 1 AUSIA event, 1 UK event, 1 US event, and 4 UK/US events

The highest sizes we’ve reached this week were up to 65 during the CPAM finals!

  7 posts were posted throughout the week 

UK+US both are first with an average score of 8.25/10 for the tactic rating and  AUSIA‘s trailing with a tactic rating of 8/10.

K lets see what week or something has in store. Not much ._. or is there?… Time to listen to some more japanese music, because why not? while inside, albums can be listened to in a sitting ._. Punck rock in the house!!!??? … no ;-; now gotta start binge watching youtube again ._. too busy tazing wheelin dwellers from the unknown missisipi truck stop off the driver side of my big rig..jk
No random pics, im tired srry. Shoot. OKie keep up to date for events on discord and for other future planned stuff! K laterrr

4 Responses

  1. Nice week

  2. dang, i forgot to be first, second ._.

  3. Very cool weekly recap

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