[MARCH 2020] Monthly Demotions!

Bolded = Demoted
Italicized = Promoted

Army of Club Penguin

Red= USA/CA |Blue = UK/EUR |Green = Oceanic/AUSIA

Max, 2funky3

Kailey, Zelly, BradDoggorage 
Sergeant Major
Emcee, Bscharbach2
Second Lieutenant
Blazer, Dawnables, Aeropos
First Lieutenant
 ShadowSaint, Stevos, Blazes, Earthing, Cubster


Oddone, 69chekochekdar, Aurora, ZoomXT, Marquis, Mochi

ACPTR Officer

Sirplus, Furry Kailey, Xenomorth, Aceshigh, Spinister
Brigadier General

Xgthrecgtejm, Stef, Zander, Kyuu, Thedesiindian
Major General

DIO, Arctiblaine, Cherry Cherry, Felix Raycher, Moki
Lieutenant General

 GFX Maniacs, Flippy, Bubbles
  Field General
BugJeser, StrangeTRY, UTuber

Henry, Kimi, Wick, Death, Jay

Simple egg, Spyman, ReddoJoanne, PaddyV, NotASeat
 Powerprimate, HiivasivutUpcoming Mage, Dogfight,  PalmsACPsheep, LuluLove, Ketchup-Kun, JJ (Cheesecake)APPLE6683Rupertpembot,  Lucia
Field Marshal
Blacklotush, Cygral, Diezlbudoy, Eyeless, FatChicken, Gravitea, HelloGoodSir,  Maire, PinkDino, Taylor, Vader, YasMini, Tekika Chan, Goldenwing
Temp Commander in Chief
0theBAI, Bacon Bits, BakedEggs, Bellway, Blue Scout, BobBarker, Bovely, Brenno, Carl the Ghost, Chubbymonster, Closerthanyouthink, Cus, Daffodily, Derek, Dooferberry, Emiogus, Faded, Faiqa, Floor, Jojo, Icy, ImCreeper, Josh Laurin, JoshepPeter, Juineken, Jzboy, Kodachi, Kohaku, Laceyy, Littleguavz, MagmaMixer, Midory, Mommy, Mr Beebo, Newton, Nick Dragon, Noah8s, NoobColaPaulie, Peach, Proski, Pudi, Reeman, Ronin, SaberTooth, SamTrickshot, Satlas, Scamper, Shrek, SquidGhost, Theyarehere, ThingsHaveChanged, Thomas, Tobuccio, Tomdabomb, Vegetableoil, VolkingDeath, Vzy, Waddle, Whoareyou, Xande, Lovely, BigBorax
Commander in Chief
This will be your rank when you first join the army! To rank up to Lance Corporal, simply attend your first event!
Staff Sergeants
King Mondo, Mchappy, Chainpro

Warrant Officer


ACP Panel of Guardians
Mchappy*, Shaboomboom, Flipmoo, Boomer20
* denotes current acting Guardian

2 Responses

  1. Sad to see me not getting promo 😦

  2. why am i laughing so hard when i look at the top

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