[IMPORTANT] retirement of the trio – CSYAXUNKY

hello acp

it is with great despair that i have to announce the retirement of the trio, csyaxunky (read: see-es-why-axed-funky. csy claims no axing actually took place, but who knows).

from the beginning, we knew this day would come, blah blah blah, we did what we came to do. imagine below is an entire long post with pictures about what we’ve done, the wars we’ve won, the sizes we’ve maxed…

the most important thing is, why are we retiring? who’s replacing us?

i am here to announce that TOASTY will be our next leader. He is replacing csy for cic, and funky and max for 2ics. 
Here is toasty’s speech:
Hello toasty
We do toasty
You would sir toasty
no koloway, this is toastys speech, bye
we didnt toasty
tldr: toasty is love, toasty is life. he has shown us – csy-axed-funky – the way forward
he is a shining light amidst the darkness
welcome TOASTY, the ONLY leader of ACP (did we mention we’re erasing all the previous leaders too? yea that too)
toast - Wiktionary
ACP leader

7 Responses

  1. nice april fool's joke!

  2. why am i not surprised

  3. this is heartbreaking

  4. go toasty go

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