Think you deserve a promotion for your efforts in March 2020? Comment BELOW if you think you deserve one for this month!

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Current Rank:
Activity on a scale of 1-10:
Reason you think you deserve a promotion:

ACP Leader

10 Responses

  1. No, I do not think I deserve a promotion because I haven't done enough recruits.

  2. promo zoomxt ty lysm

  3. how do u get a promotion?

  4. Sirplus1881#2355Major7Tbh I don’t think I deserve a promo. Although when I become mod I’ll do the mostly things and attend more events and start recruiting again. So

  5. Henry_VI#9519Corporal7I don't deserve one because I don't do enough for ACP. I try but I fail.

  6. Bubbles1251#0622Sergeant Major 7I try going to most events and try to be kinda active on the server. I probably wont get a promo but give me promo anyway :))))

  7. Spinister#3026Major 8.5I think I deserve a promo as I am always active in chat, Always Attending Events if it is possible, Friendly with others.. Also I help Tracking Mascots and Recruiting atleast 6 per week,(sometimes more than that)……

  8. Kailey is correct, ZoomXT deserves a promo 🙂

  9. MochiiMajor7ishRecruiting, event attendance, decent chat activity

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