[UK/US] Battle vs. OM & PIC Results!

Hello ACP!

I write to you today on a historic day in the Army of Club Penguin’s history! This is because today was the day of our highly anticipated three-way practice battle against OM and PIC. Today, we came together as family to win with a 3-0 victory! Our tactics were incredible, and we managed to hit 70 penguins on CP Rewritten, with soldiers locked out! This is the largest size since we reopened our doors 6 months ago! Fantastic job, and congratulations to all the members that received promotions, as well as the winner of the nitro giveaway!
We have also become allies with the Os Mascarados Army!

March On! ~Max
European Division Leader/Field Marshal

One Response

  1. I remember this, my first real battle. I've been to so many practices, but never a real battle. I was very excited!

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