[US] Recruiting [RESULTS]

Greetings, ACP!

Today we logged on to Blizzard for our US recruiting event. We met in the plaza visited the town, dock, and EPF command room. We did a few tactics, after we did recruiting.
Thanks to everyone for coming!

Max: 18

ACP Major General

[UK] Battle Training [RESULTS]

Greetings, ACP!

Today we logged on to Breeze (CPATG) for our UK Battle Training event. We went around the island practising various types of tactics and formations, to brush up on our skills in preparation for our upcoming practice battle with RPF. We performed well and we would call this a successful event, thank you everyone for coming!

MAX: 13

ACP Lieutenant General

[AUS] Jetpack Return!

Hey ACP,

We logged on today for our return! We put on our jetpacks in honor of the new party, zooming around the island to announce the comeback with the rest of CPR. We maxed 19.

Sirplus – Interim AUS commander
CSY – 48th ACP Leader

Spec Ops Event 1/29 [RESULTS]

Hey ACP!
This is Aero coming to you live from our discord headquarters! Last night we logged on to Blizzard for our super awesome late night Spec Ops event recruiting new soldiers in the epf room( top secret of course! ). We did some tactics, word tactics, and hung out with fellow penguins!
 Thanks to everyone for coming out last night! If you did attend this event, make sure to get your clovers. 

Max: 14-15
Classic ACP clovers!
ok then
Smile :3
From ACP with love!

Aeropos ACP Lieutenant General

[US] Battle Training Session [RESULTS]

Hey ACP!
Today we logged on to Beanie for our US/CA battel training event. We met in plaza visited the Icerink, Dock, and Iceberg. We trained hard and hope to keep up the training practice before our battle! Make sure to keep recruiting so we can take it to Strike Force on Saturday at 5pm EST. 
Thanks to everyone for coming out today!


Zelly ACP Lieutenant General

Spec Ops Event [RESULTS]

Hey ACP!
Last Night we logged on to Blizzard for our Spec Ops event. We chilled at the cove telling stories and jokes around the campfire. after we were all warmed up we went and enjoyed a lovely fashion show held by some CPR members. Thanks to everyone for coming out last night!


Zelly ACP Lieutenant General

A Day In The Life of an ACP Mod

Hey everyone! In today’s post, this post being my first, I will detail a beginners guide to being a mod for the ACP! Today, January 28th marking my one month anniversary as staff. I’ll go over what its like, what we do and some advice.
Now being a moderator is awesome. I love what i do. Not for the power or the ranks or perms but for the opportunity to give back to who’s really important here. You, the troops. In a way you don’t entirely serve staff, staff serves you.
 For a 3D Animated video on the topic of this post I made, Paste this link into your browser!
——–> https://youtu.be/yYh3yU2Nyd4 <——–
Some stuff we get to do as a moderator, is do posts like this one on the event site for all of you to see. We also watch all the chats on this server, scanning for rule breakers so we can keep ACP a safe and secure environment for all our troops! To sum it up our job id to grow ACP, Keep it safe, post on the site and one or two things I’m forgetting.

Some advice

Work hard. You’ll get noticed.
We always make sure to notice hard work here at ACP. if you recruit, attend events, be active in chat, and go above and beyond the call of duty for your brothers and sisters in ACP, You too, could get to live a day in the life of a moderator in ACP.
What we do?
 Well making posts for one, is one of the most rewarding things to do in ACP. You get a cool header to place at the bottom of your posts, you get to contribute and practice formal writing in a relaxed form, your name is on your creation, its an awesome process. It can be confusing the first time but its easy to do once you get the hang of centering everything and writing enough posts.
Moderating Chat
My personal favourite activity not because i like enforcing rules on people but because I love trying my best to protect you guys from the unsavory stuff that violates rules. It’s almost like a protective instinct to moderate chat for some of us. To keep the next generation in a great environment like ACP prides itself in doing flawlessly.
So in conclusion, I ask not what you can do for your army can do for you. If you ever have any questions or concerns or need help approach anybody here.
Defend Freedom
Preserve Justice
BScharbach2, ACP Major General

[UK] Farewell Koloway Event

Hello ACP,

Today is a solemn day. We see the departure of our leader, Koloway.

Under Koloway, ACP got 1st in CPA for multiple weeks – stripping Bam of his “I wAs Da LaSt LeAdUr To GeT aCp To FuRsT” boasts.

Under Koloway, ACP won the holiday championships against the RPF – something we hadn’t done since 2011.

All good things come to an end, and today marked the end of Kolo’s leadership of ACP.

We logged onto Blizzard to tell the world about Kolo’s retirement, maxing 23.

Hearts for Koloway
Bringing flowers to the funeral farewell
Clovers, for Cloloway.
Self explanatory

Koloway is hereby dismissed from service. March on, brother.

6th AUSIA leader and 2ic
10th AUSIA leader and 2ic
48th ACP Leader

The Final Day of Koloway [URGENT]

All good things come to an end.

What started with a kid, waddling around an island in 2009, ends with him commanding his childhood army, the ACP, in 2020. 
I’d like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Koloway, the 47th leader of the Army of Club Penguin. I started leading on November 11th, 2019, after the sudden disappearance of Chainpro. This was a dream come true for me, and I found great pride in being able to lead ACP finally. I used to fantasize about leading the army, drawing those viking helmet clad penguins all over my notes and thinking about the events ahead all day long. I started my journey in ACP in 2009, and it ends today, in 2020.
Under my lead, we were able to go UNDEFEATED AT WAR, winning a war against PIC, 6-0, and two wars against Templars, going 1-0 and 3-0. We managed to become the first army in the history of the CPA League to beat RPF on the Top Ten more than once, and we ended 2019 as #1 and started 2020 as #1 as well. Our biggest accomplishment was defeating HF and RPF in the semi-finals and finals of the Holiday Championship Tournament, winning the first tournament in years in the history of ACP.
You may be wondering who will take my place. That will be the 48th leader of ACP, CSY, and the 49th leader of the ACP, Kailey.

Csy: I have watched you come into this community and change things around completely in our AUSIA division since you started here in the ACP. Your legacy is here and I hope to watch you continue to build off of that as the next leader of ACP.

Kailey: Your dedication and commitment is second-guessed by none. You have the true heart of a leader and I can’t wait to see what you make of this army. 

I want to thank everyone who was in my ACP, and I thank you for truly making this time worth it.

November 11th, 2019 – January 27th, 2020.
We march on, always.

[US] Pizza Party! [RESULTS]


Today we logged on CPR blizzard for our US Division event for a pizza party! We marched from the Cove, Plaza and the Pizza Parlor in our aprons. We struggled at first but we finished strong. Thank you everyone for coming!

Max – 24
ACP Major General