A Day In The Life of an ACP Mod

Hey everyone! In today’s post, this post being my first, I will detail a beginners guide to being a mod for the ACP! Today, January 28th marking my one month anniversary as staff. I’ll go over what its like, what we do and some advice.
Now being a moderator is awesome. I love what i do. Not for the power or the ranks or perms but for the opportunity to give back to who’s really important here. You, the troops. In a way you don’t entirely serve staff, staff serves you.
 For a 3D Animated video on the topic of this post I made, Paste this link into your browser!
——–> https://youtu.be/yYh3yU2Nyd4 <——–
Some stuff we get to do as a moderator, is do posts like this one on the event site for all of you to see. We also watch all the chats on this server, scanning for rule breakers so we can keep ACP a safe and secure environment for all our troops! To sum it up our job id to grow ACP, Keep it safe, post on the site and one or two things I’m forgetting.

Some advice

Work hard. You’ll get noticed.
We always make sure to notice hard work here at ACP. if you recruit, attend events, be active in chat, and go above and beyond the call of duty for your brothers and sisters in ACP, You too, could get to live a day in the life of a moderator in ACP.
What we do?
 Well making posts for one, is one of the most rewarding things to do in ACP. You get a cool header to place at the bottom of your posts, you get to contribute and practice formal writing in a relaxed form, your name is on your creation, its an awesome process. It can be confusing the first time but its easy to do once you get the hang of centering everything and writing enough posts.
Moderating Chat
My personal favourite activity not because i like enforcing rules on people but because I love trying my best to protect you guys from the unsavory stuff that violates rules. It’s almost like a protective instinct to moderate chat for some of us. To keep the next generation in a great environment like ACP prides itself in doing flawlessly.
So in conclusion, I ask not what you can do for your army can do for you. If you ever have any questions or concerns or need help approach anybody here.
Defend Freedom
Preserve Justice
BScharbach2, ACP Major General

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