ACP’s 10th Anniversary: Ten Years of Leaders #5 Shaboomboom ft. Shaboomboom

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Greetings, ACP.  During the last post we talked about Kg007 and briefly about what happened when he retired as well as how Shaboomboom came to replace him.  Shaboomboom aka Shab became the 5th leader of ACP on the 4th September 2008 and led till 18th November 2008.  He was also the 14th and 16th leader of ACP where he led from the 14th of February 2010 to 17th April 2010 as well as leading from the 5th May 2010 to 3rd June 2010. Carry on reading to find out what Shab did as leader; there’s also a  interview for all those interview lovers.


Interview with Shab

Normally interviews are done later in the post however to give some context on the things I’ll be covering in the post I believe it’s important that you hear from Shab himself to set up a picture of some of the challenges he faced. This interview also shows some of the differences of not only ACP but the differences of leading ACP then and now.

I shall be labelled as “Me” and well Shab will be labelled as Shab!

Me: When did you join ACP?

Shab: 3rd January 2008 

Me: What were some of the biggest challenges you faced as leader?

Shab: My leadership was a short one without many enemies. So the struggle with Oagal was trying to get involved in who was leader was the biggest one and led to Boomer becoming leader.

Me: How different in your opinion is leading ACP now to when you led ACP? 

Shab: When I led I would have been against the auto spamming. But now I think it’s necessary.

Me: What is your biggest achievement in CPA?

Shab:  Honestly my favorite was the philosopher posts and being known as an avid supporter of the anti hacking bill. I had people throw their breakages in my face which helped to give credibility to the bill and my support

Me: What advice would you give someone who wanted to become ACP leader?

Shab: Good luck.. Kids are spoiled and lazy these days. Set a standard and rules and follow it. Chat numbers are important. Also, throw some damn snowballs.

The Invasion of Mammoth – November 2009

As you can see above one of Shab’s biggest problems in his opinion was Oagal interfering with who the actual leader of ACP was at the time  and the Invasion of Mammoth can be seen as an example of a what happens when the creator and a leader doesn’t agree on something as well as how it impacts the army as a whole.

Days before the invasion was scheduled there had been arguments on the site about Oagal trying to take too much control over ACP’s leadership as well as arguments defending Oagal from those who were accusing him of being controlling over ACP. Oagal posted a post to explain to the troops what was happening between himself and Shab. Despite strife between them they managed to agree to a deal:

“Shaboomboom must –

  1. Be an editor for one week, and at the end of the weeks the ACP soldiers will vote whether he is ready to lead or not.
  2. For the entirety of his career as the leader of the ACP, Shaboomboom must lead the ACP in the manner most ACP soldiers want it; meaning retaking Mammoth, having more wars (real or practice), not giving into pressure from our allies, etc.
  3. Accept the fact that this is my website, and I simply let the ACP use it because it will keep the ACP powerful and gain more recruits than any new site. Unless I think Shab is ready to choose a successor in the case of his departure, I will be able to choose the next leader (most likely by polling), and remove Shab from office (that is, if the majority of ACP soldiers want him gone).”  Extract from a post which you can find here. 

On the 10th of November 2008, Shab released a post , after the battle on Mukluk in which ACP declared victory against IW, UMA and Nachos, scheduling an invasion of Mammoth from the Nachos who had successfully invaded it.

“We are going to invade mammoth to take it back from the nachos who said they won it from us. The main invasion will be on Saturday and it will start at 1:00 pm eastern and last all day. There will also be 2 smaller invasions on sunday at 1:00pm eastern and at 7:00pm eastern. While there are not any battles please patrol mammoth and the surround servers.” Extract from Shab’s Invasion of Mammoth Post which you can find here.

The invasion of Mammoth wasn’t successful with the alliance beating able to defeat ACP after Shab told troops to leave Snow Fort sparking in chaos on the site with Oagal posting a post explaining that he’ll be deleting the ACP site, allowing Jedi to create a new ACP site for those who were on Jedi’s side of the civil war.

” So I will have this site deleted by tomorrow evening, and I believe Jedimaster17 will be creating a new ACP site. It looks like there will be a civil war between Shab’s traitorous soldiers, and Jedi’s soldiers who remain loyal to the ACP.” An extract from Oagal’s  post.

This post resulted in many divided comments; some of them about how they’ll miss ACP’s site whilst others were comments about the Civil War and whom’s side they were on.


Due to this, Boomer created a post on site explaining a way to resolve this civil war and how the civil war was only causing more damage to ACP than actually sorting anything out; he also said how creating new ACP sites and deleting the old one would only be running away from ACP’s problems which would ultimately result in running away from ACP.

I fully believe that rebelling from ACP now is only a way to “escape” from ACP’s problems.  And you’re right.  You will have eliminated ACP’s problems.  You will have also, in the process, eliminated ACP.” –  Extract from Boomer’s post which you can find here.

All of this chaos was finally solved when Boomer was made leader on the 18th of November 2008,with Jedi and Shab being his co-leaders, creating a government for the ACP leadership to operate on. You can find information about this government by clicking here.

Interesting Facts about Shaboomboom

  •  He used to work as a Philosopher at CPAC
  •  He is a CPA Legend
  • He also lead Dark Warriors, DCP,  Golds and  League of Lightning
  • He’s also a Medal of Honor holder which was given to him by Boomer


Retirement of Shaboomboom

Shab’s first retirement from ACP was on the 3rd July 2009 and then returned in 2009 to coup Meat (something that will be covered in an upcoming post) and then retired on . His final retirement was on the 3rd June 2010 where he returned to coup Nono from leading something which he apologises for in this retirement post.

“First my apology: I apologize for being a horribly inactive Leader. I wish you had all saw me when I was in my prime during Kg and Boomer’s Leadership.

I also apologize to Nono for couping him. I wish you luck and hope that you are able to reach Leader again.” Extract from Shab’s  final retirement post.


Make sure to carry on reading next time for Boomer as well as commenting on this post,

Super Edwin

P.S  A massive thank for Shab taking up his time to answer my questions! 😀





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  1. I feel bad for Nono. Thank you for providing an interview Shab, it game some good insight.

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