January and February Soldier of the Month (combined)

Hello, unfortunately last month due to unforeseen circumstances I couldn’t possibly post the Soldier of the Month therefore thanks to an idea that Purpleslime gave me I have decided to combine January’s Soldier of the Month and February’s into one post ; pretty good idea.  Carry on reading to see who the owners have decided stood out these past two months and have deserved this award.

Que the long missed drumroll!

Que the long missed drum roll!


SPC of the US Force!!

spc January

Congratulations to SPC, but why was SPC given January’s 


Helps to hype up events

Great activity for both the UK and US division

Interactive and friendly on chat towards other troops

What does SPC get?

A snazzy trophy made by Purpleslime

Temporary Moderator for a week

Congratulations once more for being January’s Soldier of the Month however who earned  the title of February’s Soldier of the Month?

Panda of the AUSIA force!

I'm as shocked as you are :D

I’m as shocked as you are – only kidding 😀

Congratulations, however why was Panda awarded with this award?

. For helping out new recruits

. For his efforts in recruiting

.  Generally, just for being a hard working moderator

What does Panda get?

A pretty awesome trophy made by Purpleslime

You’re already a temporary owner so.. 

If you guys want to win Soldier of the Month then:

  • Recruit
  • Welcome new troops to chat
  • Follow rules on chat
  • Being active on chat and attend events
  • Having fun
  • Being loyal

Thank for you reading this post,


Super Edwin, leader of the UK division





14 Responses

  1. Congratulations SPC and Panda.

  2. ACP, thank you for the opportunity to let me serve under your forces. I simply am thankful for receiving this honour and I do hope that I continue to make the ACP proud :’D


  3. Well done SPC and “Panda”!


  5. Congrats SPC! Nice work you deserve it.

  6. Congratulations to SPC and Panda. You are both very deserving of this award – get out there and make ACP strong! Your loyalty and passion has caught on and new recruits are following in your foot steps.


  7. Thanks, this is really awesome. I will be as loyal and active as possible, and really, thanks. Go ACP!! Long Live the Clover!

  8. Congrats Panda (I meant, “Panda”) on your selection, good job!

  9. Im soilder of the week O:

  10. lieeeee panda rarely recruits like after being owner panda has just left recruiting

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