Soldier of the Month March 2015

Hello ACP, after a not so great month of March, only a few troops stood out. However, we have to choose one particular troop. (Sorry for the short post, I’m not in the mood to post). Keep reading to find out who is the soldier of the month!

Froogz of the UK Division!

Why did he get it?:

For being active


Welcoming new recruits

Enforcing the rules

Froogz, also gets temporary owner for a day! Oh and, here is your trophy, made my Slime.

12 Responses

  1. Congrats Froogz! Keep it up! c:

  2. Congrats!

  3. grats froogz

  4. congrats someone idk but congrats froogz :/

  5. *made by

  6. I don’t like frogs, but congrats. Also, Ahmed let him get temp for a week. It’s only fair, since i was temp us owner for 2-3 weeks when i got SOTM. (wary)

  7. Congrats, Froogz! Can I ask why Daisy’s post was deleted?

  8. Congrats Frooooooooooooooogz! Also why was Daisy’s post deleted? ._. ;-;

  9. To be honest, morally Sallie is the only person who should be able to choose whether the post is deleted or not. For such a horrible thing to happen, making a post and then deleting it without permission disgusts me.

  10. This kid is gonna lead this army in the future

  11. It is dumb FireDingo20. You know what else is dumb? Saying I lied about the pass of Daisy. That’s sick. I can’t come on ACP anymore because someone will say I’m lying. We’ll I’m not! So I won’t be seeing many of you for awhile..I’ll see you whenever… 😦

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