War Recap

As originally posted by Epicorange1.

Hello Readers!

We recently ended our hard fought war with the Federation. I will tell about everything that happened before, during, and after the war. I will do my best to get as much information as possible to make this post informational. You better get ready because this isn’t going to be no average post you get from me.

 It all start when Kingfunks4, recently retired ACP leader, decided to recreate the army we know as FederationFederation officially opened on May 19th after having a successful event. They later made the Club Penguin Army Central Top 15 placing at 13. Now we know how Funks made ACP’s UK size to grow. Coincidentally, Federation was a UK based army. Things were starting to get suspicious.

Now Oagolthorp, ACP creator, recently came out of his long retirement and came back to advise ACP. He made a post listing 3 things that will help ACP rise, which one was more battles. The best way to have lots of  battles is having war. Then later a post written by Mchappy was posted on ACP site which asked the troops if they wanted war. Most of the troops said yes.

The rest of the post could be viewed here http://acparmy.com/2013/06/01/the-dawn-of-a-new-personal-war/

The next day Mchappy finally made his choice. Most people thought we would declare war on the Ice Warriors, but we declared war on Federation instead. Mchappy said Funks was “recruiting” troops from ACP. Mchappy went on in his post showing proof of them stealing troops.

More can be viewed here http://acparmy.com/2013/06/02/declaration-of-war-on-the-federation/

We quickly decided to raid their capitol, Ice Shelf.  We maxed sizes of 21 and had great tactics showing the Federation how strong we can be.

The Federation tried to raid Breeze, but we logged on and outnumbered them, chasing them off our beloved capitol.

We began the war scheduling invasions of Bubble Gum and Ice Shelf. Funks quickly reacted scheduling an invasion of Breeze right before our two invasions. They maxed 15 while ACP maxed 25. Edd, the judge of the battle, announced that ACP won the defense and that we got to keep our Capitol.

The we invaded Bubble Gum with our UK force. We maxed not so good sizes of 13-15 and Federation did even worse maxing 8. Also during this event many bots attacked the event. The bot creator was reportedly Qwerty.

The last battle of the war was our invasion of Ice Shelf. We used our US force to invade this server. Before the event began, all the owners left leaving the generals to lead. Oagaolthorp put Cassius Brutus, Monsoon, and Noka in charge for this event. ACPmaxed 25 and Federation didn’t even show up! Once again this event was attacked by infamous bots. (The creator of these bots are unknown.)


On June 6th the Federation was left with no servers forcing to surrender. We won the war 3-0 and got to keep every server we invaded! This is what Mchappy had to say:

There is no real treaty because I think treaties are lame.  In the end, we won with a 3-0 score and we keep all of their servers.  All of their owner ranks will be unbanned, and I expect there to be absolutely no fighting.  War is war, and it was a lot of fun.  Despite there being a bit of anomacity between the two armies, I believe we will all get over it.

Kingfunks4 and his army put up a good fight, and I applaud them for that.  All former or current Federation are welcomed to join the Army of Club Penguin for an appropriate rank.  My goal is for both armies to be able to reconnect in the future; ACP will have it’s hand reached out and it’s up to them if they want to firmly grasp it or swat it away.

So the war between as and Federation was a hands down victory for us winning with the record of 3-0. We left the Federation without any servers. Hopefully the next war turns out like this! Ooh yeah and I forgot Oagolthorp is running some kind of operation called Operation Sierra Tango. who knows what it could turn out like.

Now that the war is over, ACP will be rebuilding, trying to get even bigger! Our practice battle with Ice Warriors will be a fun one. Well that’s it for this post!

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