A Little Recap

Hey Guys,

I’m posting this because things look chaotic and confusing for everyone. So, if you read only one post today, read this one (and the one under this that Swimmer made). I included a picture to make it more interesting but I tried to leave the fluff out.

What Happened:

So Nachos appear to be winning the war and obviously that has the ACP leaders worried, as it should. They’re losing, what can they do? Nachos propose a treaty, part of which says that Funks must be removed from power. Why the Nachos believe they have the right to decide the ranks of people in other armies is beyond me but that’s not the point.

To satisfy this requirement some of the owners decided that a fake coup of Funks would be the best plan. According to Capn’s post some disagreed, some agreed with it, whatever. I’d like to pause here to make a comment towards Capn. Capn, if you’d like to reply do so in the comments or at the end of the post to avoid distractions.

@Capn: The post you made was disrespectful and innapropriate. You are trying to throw Swimmer and Funks under the bus to save your own skin (and Tori’s and whoever else you named that didn’t agree with the fake coup). I saw at least twice that you made sure everyone know you weren’t involved, once in the biggest font of the post making sure it stood out! You are part of the ACP leadership, you guys should be working together, as a team. Not as individuals. Your actions are that of the team, you should NOT pass blame along whenever something bad happens. Instead of spending the time to make sure we all know you were not involved you should have been thinking of ways you can improve ACP or what you are going to do when the Nachos start attacking again (I’ll get to that later).

THAT DOES NOT MEAN BLAME CAPN. It just means he needs to reword his post next time. As he said, he had a part in this as much as the other 2ics and 3ics.

@Swimmer: Your post blames Capn heavily and funks so I guess the same thing applies. Plus, for the plan to go forward yourself and Funks were the ones who had to carry it out. Therefore, you both are equally to blame. End of story.

Now back to the story: So Swimmer fake couped Funks, chaos, madness, etc.. etc.. I was notified that Funks had been couped and upon arriving at ACP chat I’m told that the coup was fake and that apparently Boomer or myself were tasked with getting mad at Swimmer and reinstating Funks. That way, it could look like a real coup!

To make it clear, Boomer and I had no clue this would happen, were not asked, notified, nothing. After talking together we agreed that we wanted no part of it, we disagreed with the idea itself and left Swimmer and Funks to deal with it.

Which leaves us to where we are now: Funks wasn’t couped, he is still leader with Swimmer, and Nachos will probably attack again.

What Happens Now:

Nachos attack again? I’m not sure what was expected…but if I was in charge of the Nachos I’d attack ACP for basically being cowards, faking a coup to meet a treaty (which technically was met cause Funks was removed from the site and power for a brief time, the treaty doesn’t say anything about him being reinstated as leader again). But that really doesn’t matter…ACP lied.

Now, soldiers, you probably are mad at Swimmer and Funks, they lied to you and caused all this chaos. Realize that they are responsible for ACP. That means that when you don’t show up to a battle or practice or don’t feel like participating, they are blamed.

You might not get promoted but for everyone else, it’s their fault. Their fault ACP lost, not that the enemy may have had better tactics or bigger numbers, but that Swimmer and Funks didn’t try hard enough or didn’t lead correctly.

Well, they appear to need some help. Who wants to help? Do you have any suggestions, ideas, recommendations? Will you decide to be more active, maybe to recruit a friend? Even a little thing helps. And one day you might be in their situation, leading an army, and realizing that you are being blamed for things that are not entirely in your control. And that’s when you’ll thank the help you get, you’ll be grateful to get it. So just remember this next time you decide to yell at them, call them crap, or demand a new leader for ACP.

ACP will not able to move past this without the loyalty and dedication of its soldiers!

What happens next is up to you,

Capncook: “@Capn: The post you made was disrespectful and inappropriate ” <– The post I made was actually the truth (Poorly written as I was in a rush, but it stated all of the FACTS). Be it so that the truth may offend some people (Except for CPAC who I was joking about). I appreciate what you say means that it does not directly put blame on anyone, but it was not an attempt to “save my own skin”. You are right that leaders need to work together, and we do. However, I and many others would agree that rationality can rule over teamwork when necessary. This is one of those cases where it is necessary. Foldez, Slime, and Soup all did not have a voice (Let alone the ACP people) in this while Tori and I openly did not support the fake coup. Look, it’s the truth, there is no grey area here. Secondly, Fluffy after awhile also did not grow fond of the ideas. As it is true that Funks and Swimmer were probably the only ones who supported this at the end, it’s not a negative thing and you made it seem like it was. No one might I add, was calling anyone out (Negatively) until you made it appear that way. What it sounds like in this post is that you’re only releasing some of the truth and taking shots at Swimmer. Otherwise, this is alright, as we have all wronged the ACP and deserve to be reprimanded. Again, I thank you for your concern about the ACP and for taking the time to write your post.

9 Responses

  1. grabbing pills

  2. McFold is the answer

  3. War is back u guys broke the treaty

  4. what about you do the stuff that swim promised when he fake coup’d funks

  5. A complete and total disgrace indeed. See swims post for my comment. I made the right decision. Good luck and communication and honesty is key.

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