ACP Recap (May 26th, 2012)

Submitted by Ekpenguin


Also, since we have been getting such a lack of votes on Poll of the Week, it will now be posted above the “Read more”.

Battle Results:

May 19th: ACP defeats SWAT on Ice Palace

May 19th: ACP defeats SWAT on Rainbow

May 20th: ACP defeats SWAT on Cabin and Mountain

May 21st: ACP defeats SWAT on Tuxedo

Upcoming Events:

ACP Olympics 😀


Thank you for reading!!!


18 Responses

  1. Beat ya, Mch

  2. 2nd beat McH

  3. 3rd! What happened, Mch?

  4. 4th beat Mch

  5. No fair! I was watching anime lol. (:

  6. It’s gotten to the point where the main aim of this website is based around getting to first before Mch. If this is how the world goes round, we may as well stop rolling. 😀

  7. cool

  8. Whooooa short post..

  9. no kit kat?

  10. or twix?

  11. Cadbury and Fairtrade own all 😀

  12. Twix is my favorite!

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