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On Friday will obviously be the first ACP Recap. However, I received 3 submissions to my “ACP Recap Banner/Logo” contest. The 3 banners were submitted by: Asdfghjkl888, Purple Slime, and Snaily5. I honestly liked all of them. So I am going to let YOU choose which one should win :D. I will show each one below:

By Asdfghjkl888

By Purple Slime

By Snaily5

So tell me who YOU think deserves the 200 xats and a spot in the ACP Recap. Also, I will take more submissions instead of the same one every week. You just wont get the 200 xats.

Also, the poll results are in, and I will be doing a Soldier of the Week. It will be VERY difficult to pick one person out of the 500 (That was an estimation) people in this army. So, I’m going to be looking at different results posts to see who was there. To me, the Soldier of the Week deciding process is based on this: 40% Going to battles, 30% Being active on chat, 15% Being friendly, 10% listening to leaders, and 5% Other. So if you have all these qualities, don’t be surprised, YOU MAY BE SELECTED!

Also, I was super excited about it last night, and I hope others were, the release trailer for the next Call of Duty game! Which I will link below:

Thanks for reading!

23 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. This is hard to choose.

  3. Oops. I was going to enter this 😆

  4. 5th

  5. I like… THEM ALL. :mrgreen:

  6. There all so good, really hard to pick.

  7. I voted for Snaily’s, but I’m really surprised that the most soldiers chose Asd’s because his is really SIMPLE, and I don’t really like simple advertisements for ACP-Related things.

  8. Asd, urs is COOL

  9. I agree with Pengy. Y PEOPLE VOTE 4 ASD?!?!? I think Slime’s is cool, and Snaily has a cool one too with the rewind buttons in the shamrocks. Good luck to all of the contestants!

  10. i thought purple slime had a pretty good banner

  11. (wary )only 90% of what I submitted is showing, at least on my computer screen! There are rewind symbols inside ACP shamrocks on BOTH sides of “ACP RECAP” They all look great though! Thanks for the positive comments and everyone vote please.

    • The shamrock with rewind symbol displayed in front of “ACP RECAP” is the exact same on on the end of “ACP RECAP” (barely shown above) I don’t know why it’s not showing, but what is showing above, is incorrect to what I submitted.

      • Look, I’m not being a whiner, it’s just that what is shown above looks HORRIBLE because it’s not what I submitted and I’m trying to save my reputation as a Graphic Artist specializing in digital imaging. Here’s the link to the original:

  12. i chose purple slime’s because i like that its got green miners and not purple miners(you know why i said purple)

  13. ^^^^ Yeahyeah!

  14. I love all of these logos. :mrgreen:

  15. BAA!! please wait for meee xD
    i am still making mine

  16. Logos 😀


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