Soldier of the Month August 2009

It is once again time for this month’s Soldier of the Month award.  Dryvit and I picked this soldier for his vast help in improving this army in the last month, coming to all battles and other events, and finally improving himself each and everyday.  Though this soldier is already a moderator, we felt he deserved it anyway.  And the winner is…


Congratulations Tylo!  As an award for your achievement, your named will be displayed for all to see on the Soldier of the Month widget on the sidebar.  Once again, congrats!


26 Responses

  1. join MFW

  2. gratz tylo u deserve it keep it up and ull probz get big fat promotion

  3. Congrats Tylo

  4. Congratulations Tylo You Deserve It Man

  5. Congrats! 🙂

  6. tylo be honured oagal commented on your post

  7. 9th comment ! You deserve it !

  8. WOOOOOO! YEAh! All right, congrates Tylo, you’ve earned that title.

  9. i got a virus so i knew i wouldnt win 😀

  10. spartaaaaaaa!

  11. congratz tylov5!

  12. ps i joined before dryvit

  13. august 3rd 2008 what a great day…. the day fort quit what an odd story than two days latter war with iw!!!! acp ended up winning i had a great time..

  14. Great job man

  15. Gratz Tylo 😀 You like, Deserve it 😀

  16. Wow Tylo,You really deserve it 😀 For all your work in Acptr and everything woo hooo!


  17. congrats tylo! u really did help ACP

  18. Whoa, I won. And Oagal congratulated me!

    Thanks for picking me. I can’t even put into words how I feel right now. I should probably have that checked out by a doctor…

  19. Congrats Tylo!!!

  20. congratulations Tylov5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. great job Tylo u deserve it (maybe a little more in my opinion)


    ConGRATS Tyloooooooooo!

  23. woot woot, congrats tylov!!!!

  24. Tylo should be made an OWNER, as member SOM’s get modship, Tylo should get Ownership. He deserves it.

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