Christmas Tournament

Here is the post from CPWN about the upcoming Christmas Tournament that we will be entering:

Edit~ Leaders this is all you need to know for now, also keep looking at this site to see if i have any new posts on the tourney. Sriv 007 is a judge for one of the battles**. If you want to be a judge comment here on this site.(cpwn)

All the armies are in! This is the very first 08′ Christmas Tournament and it’s sponsered by CPWN. It took me 2 days to get all the armies ratification. Now I’m ready to start! The amies participating in this Tourney are~

  • ACP (army of club penguin)~ Boomer accepted
  • Ice Warriors~ Icey accepted
  • Uma (underground mafias army)~ Hero accepted
  • Rpf (rebel penguin federation)~ Ziehen & Omega accepted
  • Nachos~ Person, Terr, and Puck accepted
  • Black Bandits~ Klimster accepted
  • CPW (club penguin warriors)~ hero accepted
  • Watex Warriors~ spacey & Wii accepted

How am I going to arange who’s fighting who?

I won’t be picking, you the leaders will be! What do I mean? i mean that I will say to pick a number 1-7.  If that leader picks number 3, then whoever i have down as number 3 you will be fighting them. This is probably the most fairest way because you will not know who are you battling. Please, do not complain if your battling the army you do not want to fight. This is fair to all armies and I will not switch anybody’s place.

Tourney Board

It will be a regular 8-way Tournament like the Rpf’s old tourney. Ex.~


When is this?

This will start on Dec. 6th and end on Dec. 20th

Where will it be?

  1. Battle #1
  • Sever~ North Pole, Snowforts
  • Date~ Dec. 6th (saturday)


  • 11:00 PM Pacific
  • 12:00 PM Mountain
  • 1:00 PM Central
  • 2:00 PM Eastern

Between Army 1 vs Army 2


     2.   Battle #2

  • Sever~South Pole, Snowforts
  • Date~ Dec. 6th (saturday)


  • 11:00 PM Pacific
  • 12:00 PM Mountain
  • 1:00 PM Central
  • 2:00 PM Eastern

Between Army 3 vs Army 4


     3.  Battle #3

  • Sever~ North Pole, Snowforts
  • Date~ Dec. 7th (sunday)


  • 1:00 PM Pacific
  • 2:00 PM Mountain
  • 3:00 PM Central
  • 4:00 PM Eastern

Between Army 5 vs Army 6


     4.  Battle #4

  • Sever~ South Pole, Snowforts
  • Date~ Dec. 7th (sunday)



    • 1:00 PM Pacific
    • 2:00 PM Mountain
    • 3:00 PM Central
    • 4:00 PM Eastern



Between Army 7 vs Army 8.


Thats all you need to know about the battles for now. Now I might not even be able to make all of these but ill try my best.


  1. The battle will take 30 minutes long. (ex. 12:00-12:30)
  2. Each army MUST have at least 5 pictures and make the 5th one at the end. (video is optional)
  3. Opponents cannot go on your chat until the war is over.
  4. Must put the Army you are in at the front of your name. (Ex. [acp_soldier]bobcatboy10~~~)
  5. You May show up early but do not start until it is time.
  6. Must accept a loss- please be mature is you lose
  7. CPWN sponsered this so you need to put the link on this post
  8. No bribing
  9. You are allowed to go anywhere in Clubpenguin but it MUST FINISH WHERE THE BATTLE STARTED (snowforts)
  10. No Multi-logging, Come on play fair
  11. Have Fun! ~ CPWN (Club Penguin War News)

Leaders comment if you have a question and please post this on your site. I am usally on Acp or Vikings chat if you need to talk to me. I am willing to answer any questions. Have Fun!



I’ll post more about this as it approaches.


24 Responses

  1. its by me =D

  2. 1st comment too

  3. 1 hour? Some of us have lives ya know 🙄 xD

  4. I say 30 minutes is more reasonable, but whatever.

  5. ogalthorp can u talk to me on chat i want to join please thanks
    Oagalthorp: Sorry, you’ll have to ask Jedi, Boomer, or Shab if you would like to join.

  6. luc ive seen u on the chat for 4 hours

  7. Can I please have a promotion.

  8. Some suggestions for the tournament:

    A) We should make it 30 minutes; by an hour people will start to get bored. Trust me; I have experience in this field.

    B) All of the battles should be at the same time in different soldiers. This way no army can send troops to a different army, to rig the tournament.

    C) Army members should have to but the prefix [ACP soldier] or [IW soldier] or whatever in front of their chat name, so we know if people are spying or not.

    D) Spying should NOT disqualify armies; someone could easily pose as a soldier of the enemy army on their own chat and get their enemy to be DQed. Plus, spying on chats is just a part of strategy.

    E) The CPWN should pick who fights who. That way, big armies can be paired with small armies instead of big armies with big armies. With the current method, the ACP and IW (the two biggest armies) might fight each other first; meaning the second best army will be knocked out in the first round. I personally think the two best armies should face off in the Championship round,

    F) A rule should be no multi-logging.

  9. may i ask ilke is this a practice battle or friendley war or fighting for server???
    Oagalthorp: A tournament just for the hell of having a tournament.

  10. and one more thing what does bribing mean???

    Oagalthorp: Illegaly offering something in exchange for the offer-ee to tamper with the odds of something.

  11. When did anyone ask for Oagalthorp’s opinion. Yeah no one asked for ur opinion. Because if we fight for thirty minutes its gonna cause a fight on who won. Trust me I have experince in this field. Im glad Boomer accepted.

    Oagalthorp: Bobcat, the man setting up this tournament, just accepted these suggestions. 😛

  12. Great but ogalthrop plz dont say h—

    Oagalthorp: Lol, gotcha.

  13. I’d like to be a judge 😉
    I support the tournament
    Oagalthorp: That’s a conflict of interests; you lead (or at least help lead) one of the armies. 😦

  14. Im so proud of u Oagal. Someone who sees the real u. And is going to use ur corrupted ways for a tournament. Good job Oagal. 🙄 January 09-April 09 Oagalthorp returns to ACP.

    Oagalthorp: Hey, I had good suggesitons. How the hel-, (sorry, Vio, I mean) heck is what I suggested corrupt? Sounds like someone here’s a bit jealous. 🙄

  15. Im so glad Oagal is doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  16. oagals kinda right

    now im going give myself a swirly cause i said that

  17. sorry,i forgot to write my name on the anonymous post

  18. Cool! Oagal is back i guess!

  19. thats a little bit late… did u mean AM?

  20. I’m kinda supporting Oagal on this one. WOW, I never thought I’d say that.

  21. Hey guys this is seargent Fishman97 with a few important things to say:
    1.I have anew webpage called for my army.
    2.Please put us on the blogroll.
    3.We have you as allies on our site,add us if you can
    4.And i will fight for acp in hte christmas tournament in order to achieve a higher rank and prove loyalty to acp

  22. Awesome!

  23. I will do my best and you can count on me for this I PROMISE!!

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