Competition results!!

Hi guys!

I would just like to say to thanks for the people who joined. Here are the results…

1st :– Cycle22

2nd place :– Penguin Jim

3rd Place :– Crazy Raybod

Out standing all of you.Thanks for entering.

Email your passwords to: 


P.s: Look at the post below!!!

24 Responses

  1. 🙄

  2. Yay! I Got Promoted 2 Captain Thank You!!!

  3. fort plz add me my cp name is borglaw im usaly on mamoth at the acp prom u had added me and the other day i relized u where of my list so plz add me ur the nicest guy i kno and i like being ur friend so if we can i hav a time 2 meet that would b cool.

  4. Head congrats on your rank
    I thought it would be 2 or 3 ranks …
    Oh well , at least i got promoted …

  5. 7th! Thnx for my rank.

  6. ok thats it i quit acp

  7. Congrats to you too. 🙂

  8. why am i quiting cuz some people are annoying amd mean LIKE SAINT 1994 ONLY REASON WHY I DONT GETY RANKS CUZ YOU BLCOKED MY EFFING CHAT

    junlge n you were the best ever and all me and you stoped saint bye baning her lol

    nodear you were good and all only if you were still with me and you lerned the truth about saint

    shelia gally you were good for a while then you get all mad at me

    tomy your to funny lol\

    head to me one last thing ban saint for life can you

    fort 57 i dont get ranks cuz SAINT BLCOKED MY CHAt

    ogalthorp only if you baned saint for life

    saint 1994 YOUR NEVER COMNIG OVER TO MY HOUSE AGAIN YOU noob got it good

    and thank you to all that helped me

  9. note i will still help acp in some way you have to wait and see

    it could be a big army and help acp

  10. ok i just wanted to show you this AND ITS A TRUE STORY OF WHAT HAPPEND IN WAR no kidding

    please watch it

  11. that song is kinda what i did in the acp now see you at jungle ns party

  12. WOW. I didnt think I would win. Thanks!

  13. Can you put the pics that we entered up there?

  14. Finally , Noka 8 the noob quit Xp

  15. Ik!!! 😉 Celebrate Good Times!

  16. fort your happy i quited cuz you hate me all of you hate me now you must be my emany ALL OF are

  17. no one likes me any more mostly fort you could have jsut fired me like zippy did to me and kg could have fired from rpf my new army is coming guys and you will be happy when it saves you all

  18. guys im nokas bff and HE DID NOT QUIT ACP hes now under cover for us to find what the black jacks are doing so yea but gave him a rank fort do it OK

  19. Yeah really… Even if it is true , did you have to say it publicly ?

  20. put on ur blog

  21. Hey Head, can you post their pics?

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