ostACP Warfare: Coming Soon.

Hola ACP! This is Rapidy announcing that I will be busy busy busy! I am working on those Scenario Practice Battles I promised. So I am making a forum for the new awesome stuff. For this program, if you’re in another army you’re allowed to join in on the fun. There are 2 teams, Alpha and Omega who have problems. They settle these problems in wars. I will schedule a war every Saturday. We WON’T have a war if there is already one scheduled by Kg and Shaboom. This will be up in running within a couple of weeks. That’s about it.

Except… Tomtwelve, you have a deadline to post something by this saturday. Hope we don’t lose ya!

PS: I would have edited this into the precious post, but Kg has me as an author and not an editor.

Until next time,


Shab: stupid rap posted over my post (XD) so after lookin at his post look at mine under it

Some Info and Rank Problems Post

The govenor elections i, shab, set up are not official and r now closed so if u r still tryin to make a campain, stop wastin ur effort on nothing.

This post will be used for any one who did not get a promotion and thinks they should have or for ppl who are not yet on the ranks. Plz do not post anything other than rank problems. Form for ppl who were not promoted:

1. Cp Name/Name on ranks

2. Why you should be promoted

3. Current Rank

Form for ppl who are not ranked yet:

1. Cp Name

2. Past Army Experience and Ranks

3. Have you commented on the join page yet?





The Governor Electoins will be postponed, due to the fact that ACP’s current servers aren’t really next to each other. So we’re going to have an invasion, not as big as the last one as Oagal planned, but here is the list of servers we are invading: 

  • Icebound
  • Icicle
  • Kosciusko
  • Marshmellow
  • Mittens
  • Iceland
  • Klondike
  • Matterhorn
  • Mukluk

Mammoth will still be our Capital Server. The Governor elections will take place at a later date.

~ Kg 007

Shab: Kg ill be on aim when u come on chat.

Kg 007: Okay, for everyone who thinks this is a “dictatorship”, I have no clue how saying that we are going to invade servers automatically makes it a dictatorship. Also, yes we did give up the old servers, which contained the Nacho capital.


The Rank page is now open so go check it out for your new rank

govenor elections r located here so plz dont comment on this post about wat server/sector u r runnin for rules and stuff r on this site: http://acpgovenorelections.wordpress.com/


Contest: Whoever picks the correct number btw 1 and 200 wins 10,000 coins




Kg 007: Shab we need to talk…

Things to Come

I have heard word of a rebellion lead by capuzzi. Her reason for it is that acp has a poor government even thou i had a meeting today to plan up a government. If you can answer these questions then plz comment the answers:

1. Did today’s meeting draw up any ideas?

2. Why was the rebellion started?

3. What can i do to not have a rebellion?

 Ranks: will be out Sunday (promo days r still on the last day of the month except for this month)

Govenor Elections: Will be made public either tomorrow or monday depending on if i can get enought ppl to volunteer to help (Comment here if u r above brigadeer and can check the comments and write who is running for what server/sector) Shab: i have gotten 2 pll to help me. if i need any more i will ask.

Government Meeting: I will set up another one of these sometime next week because the meeting today did not work out as I planned.


I have been talking with capuzzi who agreed to stop the rebellion if things in acp changed. I have also been gettin complaints about kg doing nothing. Kg u can decide what to do about that.



Meeting/Important Stuff

I have heard from alot of you that u guys want a council. There will be a meetin tomorrow (sat) at 4:00 pm Eastern time (1pst). It will be held in my chat because it is a private chat so no one can mess the meeting up. If i am there i will open the meeting, if not cas will speak for me because ive talked to him about it. ONLY ACP MEMBERs WILL BE ALLOWED THERE. At this meeting we are discussing what kind of council will be set up. I hope kg can make it. Cas plz write up what the ppl say on another site if me or kg r not there so we can look at it and put it into action  Chat www.xat.com/shaboomboom




Ps: Govenor Elections will be starting sometime next week but that might change. More info to come

Note for kg: there is 1 or 2 questions for u and also i had a feel questions. Also i fixed the ranks so u can look over them

Kg 007: I can’t make it, i’m going to the lake with my friend at like 1:00 pm est and won’t be back till like midnight. I could make it if the meeting was on Sunday though.

Post of Q and A/Shab’s First Post :D

Hey im the new co-leader appointed by kg (thank you). i decided to have a question and answer post so people can ask kg some questions about wat he will be doin as leader. You can also ask me questions that I will also answer. Plz no rank questions.


Ps: Me and Kg r working on the ranks so for now the ranks page will be pass protected until we both agree on them. They are being changed so everyone is more happy with them so plz do not quit cause of ur rank until u see the new ones. the pass i put on the ranks page is a whole 30 letter long sentence so dont even try to figure it out

also i added u tyloV5 (i think i spelled ur name wrong)

and i also added u Apache


My Questions:

1. R we gonna use the medal system?

2. Ill tell u this question on pc in chat when ur on

3. Can there be a secret team of spys for acp and the person who owns the site, u know who i am, will u lead them?

4. Do you wanna use an email for new recruits like oagal did?

New Leader

I (Kg 007) am now the Leader of the Army of Club Penguin. Now let’s get to what everyone really wants to know, the new Ranking System. Now, it’s not really “new” but some of the ranks are shuffled, and i’m sorry for those who have been promoted like 5 times in the last week, but, you may not be in that same rank. Others may look like that you have been moved back, but I thought it would be best to limit the higher ranks, you will still be near or with the people who were the rank as you in the old ranks. Here are the ranks:

Supreme Commander – Kg 007


Co-Leader – Shaboomboom


Head General – Dr Nono Jr, Nakib


Head Admiral – Lucario98765, Texas Vs A


Field Marshal: Casiusbrutus, Cooltiger314, Nodear


Fleet Admiral: Chrisdude100, The Jungle N, Tomtwelve


General: Abercrombe29, Bellehdewmah, Boomer20, Brbocko, Clintos007,  Jedimaster17, Shortykid8t


Admiral: Arosso13, Baloon451, Coleslaw7571, Jcs11, Meggis1234, Orgulan, Terrking24


Brigadier:  Borja, Diaa Lotfi, Hattrick, Nyg13, Penguin47212752, Speedmobile, Trickster 


Commodore: Saint1994, Seanehawk, Shnseymor, Capuzzi, Braves Z, Yellowguy458, Thebest22, Lousitania , Stg Jor, Orion Player, Islandershky, Jcapp64, Coolguy12348, Coolguy4442, Mamwen, Master Champ, Blue Speed 7, Nyg13, Batista1822, Jim456


Colonel: Jazz77, Keelord, Midnightmoon, Jayson23, Acacoroth, Alenwen, Lordcody56, Shad 8, Noka 7, Ev 007, Beta Robot, Jangopengo, Bc435, Jimmyjoecrew, Omega39, Superhighfly, Racegirl, Rianjr2448, Jackfrost357, Motomike37, Znozeberry, Ctar, Mr Random1, Kingcallum1

Captain: Lx72, Ephris11, Golaba, Blete, Emanuel2567, Zehroy, Wgfv, Shades2you, Rockstar74, Johanwillfir, Bobcatboy10, Pengui 202, Tommer651, Mr Nooner, Cycle22, Rainy,  Abced101, Speedyjason9, Jet the Hawk, Marineman2, Ironkid2894, Hero12985, Big P, Mrgreen10000


Lieutenant: Smartuin, Db Penguin, Ajf77, Ambrosha, Paperman96, Podie99, Cccorbally, Deidara48, Jarlo77, Mastha Blak, Jet Nugget, Flarry Jerry, Themouse10, Greenday9991, Bigguyben, Rapidy867, Blky2300, King Pete, Buffontis, Gurlkiara, Wadler1, Bid Now, Seancastle


Petty Officer: Reallyred53, SnowyOwl, Centar, Tone739, Stocic, Slider52 Rnemenja, Crazy Skater, Mod 59, Rocky3030, Danny606, Yankee225, Rlin, Coolster, Woton, Jakecat15, Splotman13, Starscreem 2, Js Thgrourhg, Ribler, Macopu, Blete, Pen122, Pinata246, Kingofty, Splot Man, Miroos, Lsund, Buford432, Zdoger, Fiddyy, Takeda95, Annie290632, Joe Trevino, Kpkrocks1, Youkaynine, Colleen Man


Sergeant: Kobiydoo, Nc735, Aalsdjf Gh, 789kqw, Stratman13, Solraidia, Bailey1217, Pengyster48, Sahfah, Paperman96, Splotman13, Goldraider, Snowland202, Fgf78, Mjoo7, Rulerguy, Orange Con, Jatar, Lemmy Koopa, Splotman113, Jazz474, Mrsquishy99, Fluffballbob, Emilylondon, 7 Gameboy 7, Waddlebox123, Willnow, Jim456, Thunder562, Soccerpr30611, Bfan212, Cismoy, Sgtpenguin13, Hidude45, Drakebell46, Acatosh, Jmmr88, Muttant444, Destany64468, Snooper1999, Zapper903, Annie290632


Corporal: Touchie, Meowcat1001,Goldfishrocks, Supersoulja17 , Dimimaster, Deoxys, beakerbill26, pacos315, Blueface9, Red Rocker, zzmasterchf, Cupcake2930, Geyer17, Pengu1, Icy9566, Mr blubob, Ozzyqualls, Rap 81, Cheruby, Maupi, Cp Army Dude, Ganandorf787, Santa Elf 10, Coolgirl77289, Freemen777, Doom, Super Blip, 11Steven1, Metalblimp3, Kas130771, Ally190840, Cole779, Plaite, Person1233, Beeky128778, Consor8, Acp Warrior, Legocity200, Big Goonie, Candycloud19, Crazy Raybod, Chas3r, Drake70434, Rainyee, Linkdude519, MichealB1996, Gara326, Legocity1000, Andy Pat, Tuxfoo, Coolster114, Pinky25, Mrfreeze53, Lot80, Master Ice79 

Noob – Tostipotato

The Supreme Commander and Co-Leader will be owners on the chat and Brigadiers and up will be mods.

~ Kg 007

150th Penguin Times/UPA

Ciao!  It’s time for a Club Penguin update (though the other posts are quite important.)  This is the 150th issue of The Penguin Times.  Which is a big deal.

The real important thing is that the Penguin Games have indeed closed.  Oh well.  Hopefully you got the most out of them.  So in the newspaper, Rory and Rookie will say a bunch of crap that is not important at all.  The real interesting this is that the Soccer Pitch has replaced the Ice Rink and is open to all penguins.  But it won’t be here forever.  In time, the Ice Rink will return, just as it should.

Ok, more of this nastalgia stuff!  We’re talking about the beach, the forest, the Pizzatron game, blah blah.  All this stuff that I already know.  But does the in focus page ever teach me anything new?  Nah.

And the page that probably gave the most information that I didn’t already know is the events page.  New furniture tomorrow.  New clothes next week.  And new hair.  On the 12th a new play.  Some sort of mystery themed one.  Good.  We need not another encore.

Well, that’s it.


Hello everyone, It’s Rapidy (again) Because of those who decided to quit ACP because I’m no longer leader, I have decided to put use to my army, the UPA (United Penguin Army) This was actually a very very very old army that Kg 007 used to lead XD. The link is http://unitedpenguinarmy.wordpress.com/

I will stay loyal to ACP, but I will also be leading my own army. That way, we can all win.


hi ACP

Shaboomboom Asked me to post this

I think that myspace links should be banned from chat. If anyone posts them they should be banned for 1 hour unless it is their own myspace. I see alot of ppl postin aber and fort’s myspace link which is wrong. At least give them some respect and dont go around postin the links everywhere even tho head has done this so most of u know the links.

Who cares what they look like? They r still the same ppl as before u saw there pic so dont judge them on that.



Ps: Thanks for postin this cas