Well people have been bugging me about advertising, so today I decided to make the post. Here are some ads people have been bugging me to get out here. ACP’s AKOL Site ACP’s Runescape Site has a link to the sheerwood site


if you have any others that i did not mention, comment on the post and i’ll put your site on there


Guys listen up!

Hi guys,

First of all… I would like to thank you ALL for coming to the practise battle yesterday. I dont know who won because i fell asleep ( 3.00pst is 11.00pm here )! Now. . .

Due to the court case ive been dropped back and stuff… Ive been suspended for 2 or 3 days or whatever..i will come on ACP Chat soon to speak to people..

Dont worry if you didnt get promoted on promotion day…KEEP TRYING 😉

March On!


P.s: I wont be posting for 3 days unless it is important! <——- VOTE!!

Promotion Day

Promotion Day is here, go to the new Ranks Page, to see the ranks, and if you got a promotoin, you’d be in bold.


P.s. Go to the practice war today, scroll down to see.


Hi guys,

I DID NOT quit Acp…i dont know who made that rumour but but i didnt… :S

March On!


Practice Wars

ACP hasn’t had any practice battles lately. So now I am making Practice Battles 2.0! So if you would like to sign up, please comment below. Here’s everything you need to know: BTW, this is for anyone, any army, except Abe.


ACPPBUniform1.jpg picture by Tigers3232ACPPBUniform2.jpg picture by Tigers3232

Ok so here’s the situation:

The Red Team is trying to invade Tuxedo, the Blue Team’s sever. The Red Team will be invanding Tuxedo by water in the Cove. So the Blue Team will have to stop the invasion. Here’s the info:

WHEN: Saturday, June 28

WHERE: Mukluk Cove   ( So non-members can get on)

TIME: 3:00 PST

WHY: To have fun and practice war

Here’s the starting points:

ACPPBMap1.jpg picture by Tigers3232

p.s. Sorry Arosso, you had a great idea and I wanted to use it. So we will be doing Arosso’s Practice battle, We will make battle time decisions on leaders, Show up as either red or blue, then we will make the teams even at the battle.


p.s.s Chewit is just gonna do the Updates on the site, he will will be 2nd in command, but will have no authority in the army for a while, that means no ordering, promotoins, demotioins, etc. so just treat him wtih respect ok.

Rockhopper Returns and More!

Hi Penguins ❗

Rockhopper has returned 😀 He brought back 5 new items, 1 of them which is free.

If you click on the soccer ball, you can get cleats.

To get the silver surfboard, change the surfboard color to pink. Then click on the star and shell.


If you need help finding Rockhopper, I have a “Rockhopper Finding Guide” at my site. Also an updated tracker telling you where Rockhopper is. More information at


chewit dude

Fair Deal?

Ok how about this, Chewit is an author and post about CP events, and has nothing army related about it? Sounds fair. So should we do this? Please Comment!


Most Hated Army

Well thank you soldiers who have been on today after chewit was here, now ACP is the most hated army, great job, if you only could’ve kept your cool, and just swallowed your pride and think about ACP before yourselves, we could’ve been huge. But no. Sadly selfish behavior has lead to ACP being the most hated army by noobs. If you thought it was bad before, well get use to “Army of cute puppies” or “ACP fights for evil” “acp is anti club penguin”, ya its gonna be every where now. And remember those of you who’s selfish acts “yes you know who im talking about” helped ruin any acp fanbase we’ve had before.


p.s. there is a poll to change our image to what we are supposed to be


Chewit Dude

Hi Penguins ❗

Fort came to my chat (brought people) and specifically asked me to join the ACP. I didn’t want to at first, but then he told me I could be 2nd in command. So I thought about it, said know at first, then said yes after they begged me ❗

Rather you like it or not, I am 2nd in command. You are supposed to follow my orders rather you like it or not 😀 Please just get along with me!


chewit dude

Note to fort:

Fort, they are driving me crazy. They are being all jealous ❗ True they are threatening to quit, but they will come right back 😀 They can’t accept me because they don’t think its fair 😀 But you understand ❗ Talk to them.

Promotion Day!

Hi guys,

If you havent noticed yet…

Promotionday is jumbled as Morraydpotion! The promotion day will be on THIS Saturday guys!..

As some of you know..I quit the Court trial in ssacp because im not sad like them…and i got a punishment for quitting..

I am no longer 3rd in command of ACP!

Maybe i will return some day as 3rd in command… I will be doing the Promotion Day and then i wont be 3rd in command any longer.

March On!


Chewits Edit:

You are supposed to obey my orders 😀 and you know that ❗ Check my site if you want to meet Rockhopper tomorrow. I will have a guide posting where he is, and I will update it every time I find him 😀

Head: Im not taking orders from you!

Chewit: Yes you are 😀

Head: Good luck trying mate 😉