People left out!

Hi guys,

Some people have been moaning to me saying they didnt get put on the ranks list blah blah..

So can you put your name and rank by posting your comment on this post. Be honest cause if we find out you been lying there will be consequences… and im following all the ranks through xP

Anyway, so post your name and comment on the post. If you just joined just comment: Im new please put me on the ranks.



Competition results!!

Hi guys!

I would just like to say to thanks for the people who joined. Here are the results…

1st :– Cycle22

2nd place :– Penguin Jim

3rd Place :– Crazy Raybod

Out standing all of you.Thanks for entering.

Email your passwords to:


P.s: Look at the post below!!!

Promotoin Day

Please read the following, thanks.

Ok I’m sorry if I forgot to add you on the ranks list, if I forgot you please don’t get mad, just ask me on chat to put you on the list, this will be the ranks list for a couple days till a paste it on the ranks page. Also if you didn’t get a promotion don’t get mad, either get on the chat more, or make sure I notice you more, not everyone gets a promotion.

Supreme Commander: Fort57

Co-Leader: Tom Yellow, Headofpolice

Head General: Lucario98765, Cooltiger413

Head Admiral: Dr Nono Jr, Nakib

Field Marshal: Shaboomboom, Casiusbrutus, Shadow2446

Fleet Admiral: Chrisdude100, Rapidy, Nodear

General: Brbocko, Orcacam07, Penquin Jim, Shortykid8t, Talyor455,

Admiral: Tomtwelve, Jcs11, Boomer20, Jedimaster17, Speedmobile

Brigadier: Kid Robot, Arosso13, Bellehdewmah, Clintos007, Baloon451

Commodore: Braves Z, Borja, Yellowguy458, Thebest22, Lousitania , Stg Jor, Orion Player, Islandershky, Abercrombe29, Diaa Lotfi, Jcapp64, Coolguy12348, Coolguy4442, Mamwen, Master Champ, Coleslaw7175, Sheila Gally, Blue Speed 7,Meggis1234

Colonel: Keelord, Midnightmoon, Jayson23, Acacoroth, Alenwen, Nyg13, Lordcody56, Shad 8, Noka 7, Ev 007, Beta Robot, Jangopengo, Bc435, Jimmyjoecrew, Jazz77, Hattrick, Omega39, Superhighfly, Racegirl, Rianjr2448

Captain: Ricopetbob, Lx72, Ephris11,Golaba, Blete, Emanuel2567, Ctar, Zehroy, Capuzzi, Wgfv, Shades2you, Rockstar74, Johanwillfir, Bobcatboy10, Pengui 202, Saint1994, Tommer651, Kingcallum, Shnseymor, Seanehawk, Mr Random1, Znozeberry, Mr Nooner, Cycle22, Rainy,Penguin47212752

Lieutenant: Smartuin, Jet the Hawk, Db Penguin, Ajf77, Ambrosha, Paperman96, Podie99, Cccorbally, Deidara48, Jarlo77, Mastha Blak, Jet Nugget, Flarry Jerry, Themouse10, Greenday9991, Bigguyben, BigP, Rapidy867, Blky2300, Ironkid2894, Abced101, King Pete, Buffontis, Gurlkiara, Batista1822, Mrgreen10000, Speedyjason9, Hero12985

Petty Officer: Reallyred53, Bid now SnowyOwl, Centar, Tone739, Stocic, Slider52 Rnemenja, Crazy Skater, Mod 59, Rocky3030, Danny606, Yankee225, Rlin, Coolster, Woton, Jakecat15, Splotman13, Starscreem 2, Js Thgrourhg, Ribler, Macopu, Blete, Pen122, Pinata246, Kingofty, Splot Man, Miroos, Lsund, Buford432

Sergeant: Kobiydoo, Nc735, Aalsdjf Gh, 789kqw, Stratman13, Solraidia, Bailey1217, Pengyster48, Sahfah, Paperman96, Splotman13, Goldraider, Snowland202, Fgf78, Mjoo7, Rulerguy, Orange Con, Jatar, Lemmy Koopa, Splotman113, Jazz474, Mrsquishy99, Fluffballbob, Ankita, Emilylondon Joe Trevino, Zdoger, 7 Gameboy 7, Waddlebox123, Marineman2, Willnow, Jim456, Thunder562, Takeda95, Soccerpr30611, Fiddyy, Annie290632

Corporal: Touchie, Meowcat1001,Goldfishrocks, Supersoulja17 , Dimimaster, Deoxys, beakerbill26, pacos315, Blueface9, Red Rocker, zzmasterchf, Cupcake2930, Geyer17, Pengu1, Icy9566, Mr blubob, Ozzyqualls, Rap 81, Cheruby, Maupi, Cp Army Dude, Ganandorf787, Santa Elf 10, coolgirl77289, Annie290632, Freemen777, Doom, Super Blip, 11Steven1, Cismoy, Metalblimp3, Kas130771, Ally190840, Cole779, Plaite, Person1233, Drakebell46

Noob: Tostipotato

Something Clear

Ok i want everyone to make something clear. I know my story is hard to believe, But you know what?

The people that go against me would mean that they hate me. And dont deny it LUC and RAPIDY.

The people that believe me thanks for believing your best friend head xD So please try to believe me or just forget it all since saturday.

Also, Look at the post at the bottom, there is a art competition 150,000 coins pot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also vote on this poll please, i want to know how i am doing :




P.s: PROMOTION DAY TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fort57: Btw jungle pushed his party an hour back

IMPOSTER!! / Competition

Hi guys,

From Satuday to today, My wordpress,Clubpenguin,Photobucket and more got hacked… The person that hacked it was


That evil selfish backstabbing moron, Went on clubpenguin doing bad stuff, WROTE POSTS THAT I DIDNT EVEN WRITE AND UPLOADED PICTURES………….!!!!!

So im sorry if he said anything to you or something like that. To make it up, Im doing a competition!!!


This competition is an art competition. Its going to be an edit of clubpenguin and stuff.. But i want you people to draw something based on Party Style!

Winners will be announced on Friday 1st August

Remember.. You can edit you can do everything you can! You MUST do it on clubpenguin but edited.


1st Place – 100,000 coins

2nd place – 40,000 coins

3rd place – 10,000 coins

Here is an example that TomY made:

This applies to ACP only. Also if you win you must be able to give me your penguin and pass.


Good Luck!



Black Jackets tsk tsk

Well evidently Black Jackets can’t keep their word. When they say ” losing army leaves cp” they are supposed to leave right? WRONG, they say they are never leaving, they won’t live up to what they said they would do. So the hypocritical Black Jackets are to be ignored, If you see them on Club Penguin just ignore them, they aren’t supposed to be on cp. They can claim all the wins they want, all I know is, its not offical in my book, Black Jackets don’t exist.


The Pathetic War

Well there was a war yesterday that didn’t last that long, it was on short notice, if you didn’t show its fine. The Black Jackets had “Declared war on us” within a few minutes when i was on, i tried talking them out of it, but they wouldn’t, then I tried to make it on Saturday so they could have a chance but no, the thick headed army wouldn’t cut for it. So we got on club penguin at the Christmas Dojo, and we were fighting for “losing army must leave cp forever”.  So the ACP troops got on quickly and stormed the Dojo. We pretty well won it within 45 minutes, So I tried to cut a deal with them saying that all they had to do was surrender, and they wouldn’t have to leave cp, and could keep a capital server, but the leader Johnhancoff, wouldn’t agree so he basically destroyed his own army, it’s pretty sad that they refused such an offering, but ah well.


ACP vs. Nachos & UMA | New Medal System

Well since none of the ACP’s Authors were present, it looks like I (Oagalthorp) have no other choice than making the battle post.

Battle Report


(Click ^ to see full image)

That was a great battle with even sides. The massive ACP faced off against the large Nacho force and the medium-sized UMA. At first the UMA attempted to create their infamous Skirmish Wall, but the ACP crushed that with a charge. After a several minute-long fray of close combat, the ACP ordered a movement towards the right wall in order to regroup. Then, as they were about to launch a devastating charge on the enemy forces, the Nachos and UMA counter-charged, wreaking havoc.

It didn’t take long for the ACP soldiers to maintain order, head to the opposite wall, and relight the fire of battle with a massive assault on the temporarily disorderly Nachos and UMA troops. But one fact still remained: There were virtually no high-ranked ACP officers at the battle; it was a wonder the ACP even survived as long as it did. Then Shadow2446 – the former Nacho officer-turned ACP – took charge of the battle and held a tight grasp on the ACP’s chances of victory.

In the end, everyone grew weary of the battle that had dragged on for over an hour. So the two stillequal sides declared a truce and the epic battle was brought to a halt. I, personally, think that this battle was a tribute tot he ACP’s undying ability to keep going strong. There’s a phrase “When the going get’s tough, the tough get going.”  Well the going got tough, and the ACP and it’s loyal soldiers sure got going.

There are a few things you should know before you start talking about the battle:

  • There is a rumor floating around that the only reason the Nachos wanted the UMA on their side is so that they would look bigger than the ACP. This may or may not be true, but I, personally, wouldn’t doubt it.
  • When a Nacho soldier tells you about how they “crushed” us at the battle (which some probably will), don’t forget to remind him/her that it was only the ACP against two combined CP World Powers, yet we still managed to hold them off until they accepted a truce.

New Medals System

The ACP will be creating a new medals system to reward loyalty. Here’s how it works: If you accomplish any of these tasks – which put into affect when Fort says so – you will gain the matching number of medals.

To get these medals (except for the ACP Medal of Honor) you will need to write a comment under the more recent post stating what you did, with some sort of proof (such as a witness, picture, etc.) Fort, TomY, and Headofpolice will keep track of these medals in the “Medals” page, which will be added once Fort officially starts the medal system.

  • Attending an ACP Serve Patrol (ACPSP) ➡ 1 Medal
  • Starting and leading an ACP Server Patrol (ACPSP) ➡ 2 Medals
  • Defeating an enemy army or militia group on an ACP Server Patrol (ACPSP) ➡ 3 Medals
  • Defeating an enemy army or militia group while starting and leading an ACP Server Patrol (ACPSP) ➡ 3 Medals
  • Validly recruiting a group of 1 – 3 ACP soldiers ➡ 3 Medals
  • Validly recruiting a group  of 4+ ACP soldiers ➡ 4 Medals
  • Staying loyal to the ACP for one week (each) ➡ 5 Medals
  • ***Attending a small, organized battle ➡ 5 Medals
  • ***Attending a medium-sized, organized battle ➡ 10 Medals
  • ***Attending a large, organized battle ➡ 15 Medals
  • ***Attending a massive, organized battle ➡ 20 Medals
  • Staying loyal to the ACP for each month ➡ 20 Medals (plus the 5 for each week)
  • Performing a heroic or noble act for the ACP without expecting or asking for reward ➡ ACP Medal of Honor

***=This is an estimated amount; the leader decides how many medals each battle is worth.

NOTE: Medals decide how good a soldier is, not his/her rank. You gain medals for loyalty and dedication to the ACP, while you gain rank for your leadership abilities.

Fort57: ok the back-up ACP site wanted you to know this


Why: To celebrate 1,000 comments and 50,000 views on Jungle’s site, also partially a retirement party for Zippy

When: Thursday, July 31st, 2008
12:00 noon PST. That’s…
12:00 noon Pacific
1:00 PM Mountain
2:00 PM Central
3:00 PM Eastern
8:00 PM British

Where: The Jungle N’s Igloo on the map, Brumby server (to avoid crowding)

Theme: Rock and Roll, Dance!!!

ClubPenguin Jam!

Hey guys. The Music Jam Party is here. The party has two free items, backstage passes, clothing items, a new game, and much more! The Maracas have been brought back. Find them at the cove.

You can find a free Music Jam T-Shirt at the Plaza.

Backstage is at the Dock, and is only available for members.

You can purchase your backstage pass, and clothes at the Snow Forts.

There is a music catalog backstage.

There is a secret. Click on the letter “I” in Music for the Red Guitar.

There is a new game called DJ3K at the Night Club.

The point of the game is to make a beat. The better that the beat is the more coins that you will earn.

Here are some of the other features:

  • There is an applause button in the bottom in the bottom right hand corner.
  • View the Penguin Band at the Ice Berg.
  • Play the piano on the piano floor at the Pool.
  • Step on one of the many stages, and it plays new music.
  • There is a new DJ Game at the Night Club.
  • Press the button at the Lighthouse to watch confetti shoot out.
  • Step on a pad at the Dojo to make music come out.
  • Musical Icicles at the Mine.

There are many more things to do for this party.

Credit goes to Cableuy for this post.


TomY is not and won’t be gone…

Many people have seen my absency and the fact that I haven’t posted almost anything in the website. The main reason of that was the creation of my own forums and a few icons in the CP Army forums.

Currently, I am a moderator in the ACP Chat since I have a new computer. If Oagal comes here, I’d like that he turns me in an owner. 🙂

And my website (TomY Central) will start running from tomorrow. So, I’d like that people started commenting again as always.

Possibly, I will make the recruitment meeting again in some servers to get new ACP soldiers. Cya for now.


Nobody says bye until giving it everything in his life.