Join the ACP…

To join go here:

Everything Basic

All of the good soldiers will read the rest of the blog, but this will sum EVERYTHING up.

The ACP is the Army of Club Penguin. We have battles against enemy gangs and armies.

Battle: In battle you must follow Oagalthorp’s orders. Go to “Battle Plans and Tactics to learn about ACP battle. We fight evil and enemy groups.  We defeat them with overwhelming tactics and forces. Also go to “Meetings, Attacks, and Wars” for emergency duty calls. Go under “Calling You for an Attack”.

Uniforms: Go to “ACP Soldier and Ranks” to find your uniform. Wear your unifomr to meetings and battles.

ACP Soldiers: Got ot “ACP Soldier and Ranks” to find out all the ACP soldiers.


And thats basically it. Remember to explore the rest of the blog for more information.

Next Battle

No schedualled battles yet. We will have some soon.

Our Tactics and Signals

This is a simple list of what I say, and what it means:

Clover Sign…….Flank them, just follow me.

Mad Face……….Charge at the enemy, charge right into their group and drive them away with confusion.

Smily Face……..Group together towards me.

Frowny Face….Spread out at the side of the screen we are on.

Skull Face………Retreat to out base, the Dojo.


If you see these signals form me FOLLOW MY ORDERS!

Calling You for an Attack!

Go here:

Meeting Times

Here are the meeting times. They will all be in the Dojo, which is our base/fort.


Every Friday at:


6:00 pm Eastern

5:00 pm Central

4:00 pm Mountain

3:00 pm Pacific


Every Saturday at:


12:00 am Eastern

11:00 am Central

10:00 am Mountain

9:00 am Pacific

Ranking Up

If you want to rank up in the ACP, here is how:

-Come to as many meetings as possible.

-Follow orders.

-Wear your uniform to all the meetings and battles, and if you want a better chance of ranking up, wear your uniform all the time. It is an honor to wear the ACP uniform.

-Don’t ask to be ranked up, you will be noticed by me by just doing well.

-Say “ACP” and “Army of Club Penguin” alot in public.

-Don’t attack unless a General or Oagalthorp says so. If you are a General and I am with you, don’t command people to attack.

 -Be ready to be called apon for fighting.

-Be as dedicated as possible!

ACP *Other*

Just some random things that happen in the ACP.

For one, the more you say “ACP” and “Army of Club Penguin” in public, you have a better chance of gaining rank, pride, and my admiration for you. So say “ACP” alot!

ACP Soldiers


Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor is given to all troops in the ACP that show exceptional dedication, bravery in battle, and help in any great way necesary. The ACP Medal of Honor is the greatest award in Club Penguin military. Here are the ACP soldiers that have earned this exceptional honor:



David Shawn



Us Soilder

Lt Giovanni