Turkey Art 2022 Winners

MAMMOTH, Shamrock Bulletin HQ Last month, the Clovers honored Thanksgiving by hosting its first Turkey Art competition. Local artists flocked to their art stations and provided us with their best artwork.

Army of CP Turkey Art 2022

As promised, three runner-ups were selected: Cherry CherryNyoooooom, and Luigi/bobuxman. Each with a unique design and incredible skill, they were awarded an additional 10 Clovers! That leaves us with our overall winner: Mcdonalds

Army of CP Turkey Art 2022 Winners

Mcdonalds is one of Army of Club Penguin’s newest moderators. Always jumping in to help, he is more than willing to provide those disgusting oatmeal raisin cookies, create new artwork for the server, and all around a fun person to chat with. In recognition of his victory, Calgo awarded Mcdonalds 20 Clovers, the title of Artistic Turkey, and the luxury of an awkward conversation with me over bruschetta.

Army of CP Interview Section

First, can I still get those two oatmeal raisin cookies?

Alright fine. Hey, wait a minute! Don’t you hate oatmeal raisin cookies?

What’s your favorite part about the Army of CP?

I love the community, and the dedication people put into the army! Also, I’m proud to have won because I loved doing ACP art, and I’m excited to do more!

Are you planning on making some banners for the Army of CP?

I’d love to! I’m balancing school a bit. If Calgo wants to request stuff, I’m totally down to draw up some stuff. You get a sneak peek of the Christmas art I’ve got in the works, which is like 1% done because I’m still planning.

Mcdonalds' Art Sneak Peek

Did you expect to win the Turkey Art Contest?

Not entirely. People seemed to really like Cherry’s art too.

Hers was good too, but what do you think made yours stand apart?

I put a lot of color and effort into the uniform and stuff and wanted to make it like a mascot-style piece.

You may be able to use that style if Calgo approves ACParrots once the new game is fully functional.

That sounds awesome, honestly. I should make some art to convince him lol

While I still hate oatmeal raisin cookies, pay close attention to the server because Mcdonalds’ artwork might soon take center stage. Unlike his cookies, his artwork won’t disappoint. Congratulations to Mcdonalds and all the runner-ups, and thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Turkey Art Contest.


ACP Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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