Clash of the Trainers 2: Elite Four

SHAMROCK BULLETIN HEADQUARTERS, Sidie’s Office – Team Valor and Team Mystic return once more to face off in a new competition, the Elite Four! Read on to learn more about the week ahead.

Our two teams, Valor (Alpha) and Mystic (Echo), will face off in four events based on different Pokémon types, each featuring their own challenge. Winning a challenge will grant you extra clovers and a point for your team. The team with the most points at the end of the week wins, obtaining the Clash of the Trainers 2: Elite Four medal!

The week will consist of the following:

Tuesday: September 12th

[US] Dark: Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday: September 13th

[AUSIA] Psychic: Trivia Game Show

Thursday: September 14th

Break Day!

Friday: September 15th

[US] Fire: The Roast of Calgo

Saturday: September 16th

[AUSIA] Water: Catching Waves

The Clash of the Trainers 2 will now begin! Who will win this time around? Only time will tell! Good luck to you all!


ACP 37th Commander-in-Chief and Field Marshal

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