The ACP Augmentation 2.0

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

May we always Defend Freedom and Preserve Justice.

The current panel of Flipmoo, Mchappy, and Shaboomboom have unanimously voted to disband the Panel of Guardians. This decision was not made lightly. One of many reasons being the fact that a majority of the panel are unable to carry out active duties as they continue to move past CPA. As a result, it was made by their own discretion that they would not name any chosen successors to the panel thus resulting in disbandment.

Eight years ago the panel was originally created and eight years it has mostly remained unchanged. Those previously involved in the panel will no longer hold Guardian rank and will be referred to as Guardian Emeritus in the Dedicated Officers section of the Hall of Fame.

The hope is that disbanding the panel will bring the Army of Club Penguin back to a period akin to pre-2014. Responsibility of the army, her nation, and its future will be placed back on the individuals who make up the active ranks. It goes without saying that the army as a whole remains centralized under Mchappy. Its inner-workings will, however, now fully be guided by those actively in the ACP ranks.

Before disbanding, the Panel of Guardians discussed how Medal of Honor voting would proceed in the future. It was decided that a committee of individuals would be formed for these occasions. Votes for the highest award in the army must be unanimous by the committee. Those who wish to withdraw from the committee are able to nominate a replacement in their stead but all nominations must be voted unanimously. If an unanimous nomination is unable to be found then the committee is not liable to fill the seat.

Therefore, I’m happy to announce that CSY and Koloway will be joining the committee alongside Mchappy. Henceforth discretion of the Leadership Protocol and Treason Protocol may be upheld by the committee if its under necessity. There is no official rank attached to the committee likewise it will NOT be reflected on the ranks page or anywhere else.

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Advisor

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  1. except literally
    congratulations especially to koloway 😉

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