[US] Cinco De Mayo: Battle of the Nachos

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

ICE BREAKER, New Territory – In order to celebrate one of our favorite holidays, our HCOM Sebasotoo thought it would be a great idea to hold an event in celebration. To our surprise, one of our closest allies took note and asked if we wanted to have a practice battle! It ended up being a lot of fun; we even were able to max close in size. I must say, we wear the green sombrero hats pretty well.

Max: 13

This was definitely one of the most fun battles I’ve experienced in a while. If you haven’t heard, there is another CPPS that is specifically made for armies. We will be using Club Penguin Army Battleground for all of our future events. You can check out our Discord server for a guide on how to sign up. Comment your favorite thing to put on nachos if you see this post!

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Guardian

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