Halloween Costume Contest 2021: Results

Shamrock Bulletin News Room – It’s officially November, and the results of the Halloween Costume Contest are IN! Who was crowned our spooktacular winner?

Before we announce our winners, lets take a look at all the entries:

A wild Sanya by Sanya

Adventurer Cookie Costume by Nyoom

Queen of the Tales by Annie

Frankenzombie by Alemax

Venomous Pumpqueen by Roxy

Pirate by Epicvr101

Zombie Bride by Powerprimate

Jinete Calabaza by Sebassotoo

Fancy Cyclope by Flipoto575

Science Pink by Mariantt99

[Roboisa] by Brandon567

The Phantom of Ghostly Pasts by Peteyboy31

Pizza by HenryVIIX

Phantom of the Rock Opera by ShadowSaint

Velma and Daphne by Caitlin and Spotty

The Joker by Zeus

Green Pumpkin Avenger by Faith

:ghosthearts: THE RESULTS! :ghosthearts:

Runner-up: ShadowSaint

Runner-up: Marianta

Winner: Brandon

Please contact any member of the Higher Command to have your 5 participation clovers added!

Congratulations to Brandon, Marianta & ShadowSaint, and everyone else that submitted!


ACP Legend & 46th CiC

2 Responses

  1. gg Brandon!

  2. Congrats winning Brandon, Nice costumes all of ya 😀

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