Halloween Costume Contest 2021

Shamrock Bulletin News Room – Happy Halloween, ACP! To celebrate the spooky season, the Shamrock Bulletin will be hosting an exciting all-treat and no-tricks Costume Contest. :ghosthearts:

The instructions are very simple: create and submit your ultimate Halloween costume. It can be as scary or crazy as you like, but be sure to make use of all the different items available in the Penguin Style catalog, Monster Maker catalog, and Halloween Party catalog that are featured on CP Rewritten right now. And don’t forget to accessorise the look with a fun background and pin to finish.

Please take a clear screenshot of your Halloween Costume and submit in my direct messages on Discord: [max]#2933.

The contest will conclude at 00:00am EST on November 1st. 

:pumpkin: PRIZES! :pumpkin:

  • Everyone that participates will receive 5 clovers
  • 2 Runner-Ups will receive 10 clovers each
  • 1 Winner will receive a special Discord role and 25 clovers

All of the entries will be featured in a dedicated Shamrock Bulletin article on November 1st! So what are you waiting for?! Get yourself onto CP Rewritten now and start creating your ultimate Halloween look!

Have fun getting creative & good luck everyone!


ACP Legend & 46th CiC

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