A Second Medal of Honor

With endorsements from former ACP leaders and legends Koloway, CSY, and King Mondo, Shaboomboom and I have decided to award a second Medal of Honor to acknowledge the initiative, dedication, and support that this person has provided to the ACP over the years, and that person is…


When Mchappy revived the ACP, two significant changes occurred. Firstly, the WordPress website switched from that of Oagalthorp’s to an entirely new one created by Mchappy. For the first time in ACP history, ownership of the website went into the hands of a person other than the original founder. Secondly, the communicative platform moved from Xat to a Discord server also created by Mchappy. These apparent discontinuities between the “old” and the “new,” if one would argue that they existed, were sown together by the respect, legacy, and legitimacy that Mchappy embodied in his character and role as a long-standing member of the ACP and Panel of Guardians. With these two founding acts and his embodied legitimacy, Mchappy laid down the foundations necessary for a new generation, effectively establishing himself—dare I say—as the second founder of the ACP.

Needless to say, Mchappy not only provided the new generation with infrastructural foundations but also was and remains as a key figure that supports and facilitates the well-being and success of the ACP. Below you will find endorsements by former ACP Leaders and Legends, Koloway, CSY, and King Mondo, which further justify awarding a second Medal of Honor to Mchappy.

Mchappy is the unsung hero of the Army of Club Penguin. Whether it be for his efforts in single-handedly reviving ACP for a new generation of kids and teens, or for his constant work behind the scenes oiling the machine that we call the Commander in Chief, Mchappy embodies all characteristics a holder of the Medal of Honor should. I have had the great honor of connecting with Mchappy on a personal level, and much like many others who have come and gone throughout our prestigious ranks, I am glad to call him a friend. Mchappy will always be there to dust off the clovers, stick his hand out, and pick the entire army back up one by one. It is under his guidance and supervision as ACP’s Guardian that the many feats of the past two years have been able to take place. Congratulations Mchappy, and keep those snowballs coming.


I would like to formally endorse Mchappy’s 2nd Medal of Honour.

As someone too, that has viewed ACP as a marathon, I have the utmost respect towards our PoG and Guardian Mchappy, for the immense amount of grit it takes to keep the army afloat and running. Highs and lows, Mchappy is always a shining beacon of optimism, reminding us that we must go through the darkest times before we reach dawn.

I have always heard of “horror stories” of the PoG and how it functions – how nothing is possible to do, and how one can never truly make decisions for the army. My experience, was frankly, very different. Mchappy guides, not by an authoritarian approach of telling us what we can or can’t do, but by leading by example. He is calm and collected, and encourages us to do the same, be it during times of internal or external conflict. He guides us by giving us the freedom, whilst giving advice from his years of experience when needed.

I think though, far more than anything else, is his passion for ACP. Every one else in the army holds a rank, as an active member. He, however, holds no obligation to have any vested interest in the future of the army. He asks for, and receives, little recognition for his efforts. The only thing driving him forward is a passion to want to see ACP succeed – and to me, this truly encapsulates “honour”, far beyond any metric of success.


From my experience and observation, I know that Mchappy has undoubtedly devoted tremendous time and effort to ACP’s success in this new generation. ACP was to return on the 29th of September, 2019, and prior to that Mchappy and I were in communication about a potential future for ACP. It was clear that even so early on he was actively working to explore possibilities and breathe new life into ACP—and he did just that.

Prior to revival and following it, Mchappy was highly involved in ACP’s operations. This was a very critical time for us because it was practically like beginning anew. It was integral that we established ACP with stability and sowed the seeds of continuity and self-sufficiency. Mchappy was critical to surmounting these initial challenges.

This was a period in which ACP was just beginning to gain its footing in a new community in a new era, and it was also imperative that we had constant support and oversight from a Guardian in the event of a security threat or internal destabilization, etc. I was often involved in staff and HCOM discussions and plans for ACP, and so I can attest to Mchappy’s consistent presence & contribution to these as well. It is not often that a person remains as dedicated as him, and I believe his involvement helped ACP move into the future with assertiveness, grace, and fortitude.

As someone who has actively served in an advisory capacity for the past 21 months, I have experienced the tremendous success this generation of ACP has achieved. I would consider our accomplishments in the past nearly 2 years to be of incredible value.

Without Mchappy’s initial belief in ACP’s potential to return and his industrious efforts to ensure its success, none of the greatness I have personally witnessed would have been possible. If there is a single individual who deserves two Medal of Honor awards, this person would certainly be Mchappy.

King Mondo

Mchappy will be one of only two members who have been awarded the ACP Medal of Honor twice (the other is Boomer 20). There will be a new role, “Medal of Honor (x2)”, created on Discord to commemorate this occasion, which will be held in addition to the “Medal of Honor” role that already exists.

Congratulations, Mchappy!

-Flipmoo, ACP Panel of Guardians

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