Polling Station: Interview Columns Come out on Top of Other Post Types

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome to the next edition of your Wednesday column, Polling Station, where we collect and analyse the views of the Army of CP. This week’s question is in regard to members’ favourite posts from Shamrock Bulletin!


What Shamrock Bulletin posts do you enjoy reading the most?

  • Factual/Information Columns
  • Interview Columns
  • CPRewritten Update Posts
  • Summary Posts (Moment of the Month, Top Ten of the Month)
  • Editorial/Philosophy Posts


  1. Interview Columns [14 votes]
  2. Summary Posts (Moment of the Month, Top Ten of the Month [4 votes]
  3. CPRewritten Update Posts [2 votes]
    Editorial/Philosophy Posts [2 votes]
  4. Factual/Information Columns [0 votes]


  • The most popular response was the Interview Column posts – this is something we have noticed previously and our only ever column that stayed following a column refresh, “Penguin Vogue”, is an interview column
  • CPRewritten Update Posts and Editorial/Philosophy Posts, although not as popular as other posts, tend to see higher popularity amongst those who do read them in comparison to other posts
  • Factual/Information Columns, whilst the bottom answer on the leaderboard, have consistent readership week by week so are still clearly somewhat popular (potentially by those whose favourite posts are other kinds)

I hope you enjoyed this edition of “Polling Station”! Make sure to check the #the-shamrock-bulletin channel in our Discord server for the option to participate in next week’s poll!

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

ACP Co-ordinator & Shamrock Bulletin Administrator

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