Nothing lasts forever, all we have is what’s in between hello and goodbye.

Oh wow, this is so much harder than I thought it would be. I joined ACP on November 11th, 2019. And while I’ve been teased by some of my retired friends that I should have left a while ago, I can honestly say that every single day across the past 1 year and 8 months have been worth it. This experience – the good, bad, and ugly – has been the best fun, the most insane and sometimes extremely overwhelming. But I am so grateful to have lived through it all, with every one of you. 

But now it really is time for me to bite the bullet and bow out from my position as ACP leader. It has been an enlightening and dramatic time, but one I am glad I was able to experience. To all the amazing soldiers and staff here, thank you so much for making every day exciting and always being so accepting of me and my flaws. We have created such a good natured and kind community that is truly there for others when needed. 

It wouldn’t be a post written by me if I didn’t at least reference my sexuality at least once (lmao), but those that know me know that I have always been vocal about the importance of championing the LGBTQIA+ members of the army community (and everywhere else, of course!). For me personally, and I know from speaking to many others it was similar, this online community was able to help me massively in my own coming out. That is a true testament to the power and influence we have as leaders, higher command, and staff members in impacting each other’s lives, for the better. Something I am most proud of is helping to organise the Community Pride Parade earlier this June, which really showcased what we can all achieve when we come together as one and set our minds on a goal that we believe in. 

Something I have always been passionate about is the creativity and innovation that I believe is necessary for this community, which was started in 2006 and still loosely based on the 2010 warfare culture, to keep progressing. My parting words are therefore: keep innovating and keep pushing past your limits, because there is so much for you to explore and so much fun to be had. 

Keep being creative, keep supporting and sharing love with each other, and keep marching on! 

For one final time, Salute!

With love, Max 

10 Responses

  1. Happy retirement max wish you all the best ❤

  2. Will miss you max!! <333

  3. You will be missed Max, I wish you the best ❤

  4. Wish you the best max, we’ll miss you! ❤

  5. May the force be with you Max.

  6. Wish you the best max!! We love you and will miss you ❤

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