[UK] Templars, SWAT & SP Outsmarted In ‘Field of Red’ Battle

Sup ACP!

Today we battled our cool friends Smart Penguins and maxed 28 ACP penguins online! We battled in the lighthouse, stage and cove. Sadly, we ended up having a random encounter with SWAT and Templars. (We all know who they are so we won’t go into any detals about them kekw) Luckily, we outsmarted everyone and came out victorious, yessssirrrrrr!!!
After this, we hosted a Hide n Seek game which four members weren’t able to be found and won!! Congratulations to

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is unknown.png

Comment down below you reaction to the raid and if you attendend! GREEN TOGETHER FAMILY FOREVER!

Yetico – ACP Brigadier General

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  1. Was there!

  2. I came!

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