The Triumvirate Challenge


In celebration of the new era of leadership, we are proud to present “The Triumvirate Challenge”, for a chance to win a limited time role and 20 clovers.

How this works:

1) Each leader will have a designated game that you can challenge them in

2) You can challenge the 3 leaders, CSY, Cubster and Max as many times as you want until you win, with a 24-hour wait between each challenge request. (AKA, the time you DM them determines the 24-hour grace period and not the actual time of the challenge).

3) You may only win against the same person once (i.e. after you beat their challenge, you can’t challenge them again)

4) Follow the rules of their game to win!

5) Beat all 3 to win a special role and 5 extra clovers!

Game 1: Find Four vs. Max

Be the first to connect 4 on CPR, and beat Max to win 5 clovers.

Game 2: Battleship vs. CSY

Be the first to sink the 5 grid ship to win this game and 5 clovers.

Game 3: Flappy Bird vs. Cubster

With a 10 minute limit, try to beat Cubster’s Flappy Bird high score for 5 clovers!

The Triumvirate Challenge

Beat all 3 to receive the special role @Better than Triumvirate + 5 extra clovers!

Ends: 9th June, 2021

May the best soldiers win!

~ CSY, Max and Cubby

3 Responses

  1. omg im sooooo exited!! I can’t wait!!

  2. Awesome!!!

  3. Lets go!

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