Sorry, but not really

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin.

The Doritos of Club Penguin have tried to apologize, and make themselves look like victims – first to the actions of their legends, and then to the Army of Club Penguin.

Today, I contend that they are not really sorry. Their leadership have continued to demonstrate hatred towards our army, they have continued to make excuses for actions they have not taken. They have made us look like the perpetrators, for standing up for ourselves. They continue to wrong the army, now with instances of troop stealing.

Part I: Excuses

Over the last couple of days, the Doritos of Club Penguin have tried to push the narrative that the Army of Club Penguin has unfairly declared war on the Doritos; that they have been wronged as we held them accountable for their own actions (or their lack thereof). I contend here that the Doritos of Club Penguin have, knowingly, attempted to misrepresent the position of the Army of Club Penguin.

They declared war on us due to people who were in DCP years and years ago not approving of their administration. Whatever the case is, what former members of the DCP did had nothing to do with the current DCP leadership.

Simply declaring war on us for something that the Doritos Leadership or staff team could not control.

In the quotes above, the DCP have attempted to simplify our reason of declaration to dislike of what “former members of the DCP” had said; for something the Doritos team “could not control”. Our post made it appalling clear that the declaration was not over words said by their legends, but rather, the DCP’s lack of action, after anti-ACP sentiments were plastered on DCP’s official website.

This, despite having been explained in great detail in the original declaration and later in conversations with both 32OP as well as the Doritos leadership, seems to have been completely ignored, misconstruing our declaration to one against their legends, when in reality, was to take a stand against DCP’s lack of action.

We want to issue a formal apology to members who were hurt and disappointed for not taking the necessary action needed fast enough. Like we said before, we do understand why the Army of Club Penguin is upset at us…

extract from “Response to ACP”

In fact, if these circumstances (aka the inability to remove an anti-ACP post plastered on their website) was truly “out of their control”, why was this post able to be removed after we declared war?

It seems to me that, time after time, the Army of Club Penguin have had to stand up for ourselves in order for our “friends” to fight for us. The Rebel Penguin Federation banned Lord Pain within minutes of wishing death by gas chambers onto the ACP; the DCP our Higher Command have had to beg to ban Pain, to later be unbanned and rebanned due to a “misunderstanding”. The ACP had to ask for their blatant anti ACP sentiments in their discord chat to be removed. The ACP asked for the post to be removed – but were met with “please wait”.

There is only so much one can take though; only so long one can wait whilst traffic to the DCP’s website continues, seeing the Doritos condemn those they claim to be their brother allies. If you, the Doritos, truly believe these sentiments don’t represent your leadership, then perhaps don’t have it as an official statement on your website.

The fact that the ACP had to declare war for it to actually be removed, to be met with blatant distortions of our reasons of war declaration after an apology expressing “understand[ing]” towards our frustration was posted is simply appalling.

Or perhaps, the apology was a mere facade in an attempt to save a sinking friendship? Perhaps the Doritos are not truly sorry for their actions?

Perhaps your defense for your latter posts, is again going to be “they were written by legends and don’t represent our army”. Stop hiding behind your legends to take no responsibility of the blatant anti-ACP narrative being pushed. Take responsibility for your actions.

Part II: Victimization

Let’s talk about the Doritos’ attempt to paint themselves as the victim in a situation that could have well been avoided if they had decided to stand up for their friends, like we have countless times them – taking flack from all walks of the community when welcoming their members into our ranks despite their shaky past; multiple staff and higher command members helping the Doritos in their events since their return to show support for their allies.

The Doritos have just returned newly recreated and thus ACP takes this as their opportunity to once again bully an army while they’re down and out.

Knowing that you’ve only recently returned, perhaps try to stay out of drama? The Doritos have time and time proven their predilection towards controversies – if you are here for fun and no drama, why start drama with your “brother allies” on a public place that presumably represents your army – your website?

They have also shifted the blame towards the Rebel Penguin Federation: suggesting that perhaps they should be held accountable for words of Lord Pain following his recent return. Let us reiterate. We do not hold DCP responsible for the words of their legends, including Lord Pain or the others. We hold DCP responsible for being our “friends”, but allowing an anti-ACP post to be left on their website for 2 days – whether or not this represents what you think.

Not to mention, the RPF banned Pain within minutes of him suggesting that ACP should be put into gas chambers; with members of the RPF saying it was “too far”, as opposed to DCP’s members joining in the condemnation. A reminder that my higher command had to go to you to get the situation rectified.

Just because there is a greater anti-ACP rhetoric does not excuse you of responsibility. Just because others are saying things too does not mean we cannot be angry at the things said on your website.

Part III: Against the ACP

The DCP leaders will have you believe that they have been our good friends, that they are the victims, that they would never backstab us. Let’s look at the anti-ACP sentiments that have emerged since the war.

Firstly, a normal person has 46 chromosomes, in which only what I assume is 4 is depicted in the image above would be an abnormally low number of chromosomes.

Also, in what world is making fun of those with extra chromosomes funny? The most common chromosomal condition is trisomy – Down’s syndrome being trisomy 21, Edwards’ syndrome being trisomy 18, and Patau syndrome being trisomy 13. These are all serious conditions that affect both the individuals and families in drastic ways.

Let’s move onto the emotes added to the Doritos of CP’s chat following the war.

The implication is obvious – the Doritos are getting ready to butt **** us on Tuesday in their invasion. Really, rape?

Stop taking things too far.

Part IV: Troop Stealing

Again, the DCP will take it upon themselves to argue that the words of their legends don’t represent the thoughts of their army. However, allegations that the Army of Club Penguin have been troop stealing from the DCP have been made with no evidence. Here, we call out the Doritos of Club Penguin for troop stealing from us – not just accidentally running into the same recruit, but literally, seeing them join our server, and DM-ing them to join the DCP.


“I see you joined ACP”

“ACP, it ain’t really the best”

“leave ACP to join DCP”

Robot immediately DM’ed DCP leadership about the situation, but we did not get so much as an apology.

The Army of Club Penguin will hereby continue our war efforts against the DCP, for the following reasons

  1. The Doritos of Club Penguin have made it apparent that there is no remorse; misconstruing our declaration to suit their narrative.
  2. The Doritos of Club Penguin continues with extreme anti-ACP sentiments that are quite simply, too far.
  3. The Doritos of Club Penguin have now taken it upon themselves to troop steal from the ACP.

Treat others with the Same Respect You Seek.


CSY – ACP Leader

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  1. Bravo

  2. Very well said!

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