Leadership Protocol


  • Introduction
  • Leadership Protocol
  • What does this mean for the current leadership?

Mindful of the precedent his conduct set for future presidents, [George] Washington … decided to step down from power, providing the standard of a two-term limit that would eventually be enshrined in the Twenty-Second Amendment to the Constitution.



Similar to how U.S. President George Washington established a normative term-limit for the U.S. presidency, when Oagalthorp ended his 550 days of leadership, a precedent was made. Yet, the two-term U.S. presidency limit was not institutionalized as a constitutional amendment until after World War II. In a similar manner—after serious consultation with CSY and deliberation within the Panel of Guardians—we have decided to institute a Leadership Protocol as law that shall be effective simultaneously with the publication of this post.

The intent behind this Protocol is not to force any specific leader out of their position—the intent is to prevent an unchecked situation in which only one leader occupies the Commander-in-Chief position for over 550 days. There are many exceptions to the 550 day term, which can be read below in the Protocol. Stagnation among the ranks gravely affects the motivation of troops and Higher Command. Our goal is to ensure a continuous flow of promotions and leaders to avoid demoralization and ensure smooth transitions.

Below you will find the complete Leadership Protocol, followed by what this means for the current ACP leadership.

Leadership Protocol

Article I. Term

The term of a Commander in Chief shall be limited to 550 days (hereafter Term), unless exempted by Article III.*
(Hereafter the leader role shall be referred to as CiC, whereas the persons occupying the position will be referred to as Leaders)

*: Temporary Leaders will not have their incumbency period tallied into their Term.

Article II. Counting

The following days shall be tallied into the Term:
i. Days that the Leader is the only officially presiding CiC. (hereafter Sole Leadership)*
ii. Third co-leaderships and beyond.**

*: Temporary co-leaderships shall be counted as a Sole Leadership; therefore, its days will be included in the Term for the permanent Leader(s).
**: Each additional Leader shall be counted as one co-leadership.

(Clarification: Days Leader N leads with Leader N+1 and Leader N+2 will not be counted towards the Term; whereas Days Leader N leads with Leader N+3 and beyond will be counted.)

Article III. Exceptions

a. A Leader may surpass their Term for 30 days so long as the Panel of Guardians (hereafter PoG) and members of the High Command (hereafter HCOM) unanimously agree to approve the Leader’s Request for Extension (hereafter Request).
b. A Request must be submitted by the Leader to the PoG at least one week before the end of the Term. The PoG shall then conduct a confidential vote among themselves and HCOM officers who are in office at the time of submission and shall announce the results in a timely manner. (Abstentions and non-votes shall not be considered as disapproval)
c. There is no limit to the number of Requests a Leader may make, but the Leader may only request one extension per each (extended) Term.

What does this mean for the current leadership?

In regards to Article II of the Leadership Protocol, here is how the situation applies to CSY specifically:

  • Leader N: CSY
  • Leader N+1: Kailey (former ACP Leader)
  • Leader N+2: Max
  • Leader N+3: Cubster

Hence, so long as Leader N+2 (Max) is leading, the days will not count towards Leader N (CSY)’s Term. If Leader N+2 (Max) retires and Leader N (CSY) is still leading, the days after that will be counted towards Leader N (CSY)’s Term.

Moreover, if Leader N+2 (Max) retires and Leader N (CSY) wishes to continue leading past the 550-day term, Leader N (CSY) may submit (in accordance to Article III) a Request of Extension and seek approval to do so.

Finally, the protocol states that any temporary leadership positions will not count as a co-leadership. In order for the triumvirate to not count as CSY’s terms, Max and Cubster will have to be CiCs—the same rank as CSY. A transitory rank to ensure a smooth transition is welcomed, but those days where Max and Cubster are not CiCs will be counted towards CSY’s Term.

Please feel free to leave any questions you may have below, and we will be sure to clarify.

Signed by

Panel of Guardians




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