CPRewritten: Mountain Expedition 2021 – Full Guide

BLIZZARD. Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The newest party, the Mountain Expedition, has just hit the island on Club Penguin Rewritten. Join us to find out about the free items, mascot visits and decorated rooms.


Club Penguin Rewritten has just seen the arrival of its newest party: the Mountain Expedition. The party will also see visits from Gary, with a different background to the one he has been giving out recently!

Mountain Expedition

To begin your expedition, head to the Ski Village and enter the Expedition at the top of the room.

Mountain Expedition Room #1

In Room #1, you can click the catalog in the bottom right (details below) and you can obtain the Chilly Trek Hat in the box in the bottom left. This item is free.

Simply walk into the cave entrance in the top right to move on to the next room.

Mountain Expedition Room #2

To progress on from Room #2, click each of the eight icicles to open the exit and then walk on through!

Mountain Expedition Room #3

There are no items or tasks in Room #3 – just move on up to the top left to continue your journey!

Mountain Expedition Room #4

Room #4 has the most complicated task to access the next room. Start by clicking the red axe – once it has moved, click it again. Once the animation is complete, throw a snowball at the shaking icicles. This will turn the log into a bridge, allowing you to walk along it and access the Mountain Peak!

Mountain Expedition Room #5

The next room, Room #5 is the Mountain Peak. As a reward, you can pick up the free Picnic Basket pin for free, the free Red Flag item and the Summit Background. The Summit Background, which costs 60 coins, can be collected be standing in front of the camera and clicking it.

Moving into this room will also award you the Mountaineer Stamp.

Secret Room

When in the room labelled as Room #4 above, you can click on the ice shard in the bottom right to reveal the entrance to a hidden room!


The party also brings with a catalog of climbing supplies. It is accessible in the Mountain Expedition, the room entered from the top of the Ski Village.

The catalog does not, however have any secret items to unlock.

Mascot Visits

Gary is expected to visit for this party and as always, those mascot visits will be tracked in the #mascot-tracker channel in our server. He will bring a different background to the one he has been giving out recently.

Make sure to log on and experience this event for yourself before the party concludes!

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

ACP Moderator & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. thanks for the coverage Frog!

  2. Super helpful! Thanks for writing this, Froggy!


  4. I’ve always enjoyed this party. Glad to see it once again.

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