Penguin Vogue: Cubster and Pungu

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to Penguin Vogue, where ACP Major Keynikki interviews her fellow troops on their personal uniforms in the army! Today, we’re taking a look at Temporary Commander in Chief Cubster’s and Colonel Pungu’s uniforms to see what they represent and why they are what they are! Why do they wear the uniforms that they wear, and why do they think that the uniform is important?

Temporary Commander-in-Chief Cubster was just recently promoted to his rank in light of CSY preparing for final exams and for his work during the March Madness tournament. He is also an old member of the CPA community, and his uniform shows us just that!

Back in og my penguin wasn’t that rare when I came into armies. I would admire those who would wear items like the hawaiian lei, blue lei, winged viking helmet and other cool rare items as a part of their army attire. I kinda adopted that style now since I have most of those items. It’s like wearing designer clothes but on Club Penguin, you get to flex on the newbies.

Cubster explains that the meaning behind a majority of his items, including the Hawaiian lei he wears around his neck, results from his desire to flex and show off his rare items with his uniform.

With his head item, he chose to wear the leprechaun hat, and he chooses to wear the ice skating shoes on his feet!

As for the Leprechaun hat, I guess it adds extra luck during battles, and the skating shoes help me move around faster than other penguins muahahahahha

Cubster’s uniform shows us that he takes pride in wearing older and more rare items that can be worn in Club Penguin, which he mingles into his uniform. But the golden question remains for him – why does he think the ACP uniform important?

A uniform unites an army. It represents something greater, something others will fear. It is important since it represents our identity. People will know you’re in ACP if you’re wearing say – the green letterman, viking helmet and a guitar.

These are wonderful words said by Cubster and a great explanation and answer to the question! With his new rank as temporary ACP leader, it is clear that he takes great pride in the army, the uniform, and the community.

As for Colonel Pungu, he decided to share not one, but multiple of his uniforms from his time in the Army of Club Penguin!

Pungu's current ACP uniformPungu's old ACP uniform, from CPA:TG

With Pungu’s current uniform (top picture), he claims that he wanted to have it as close to the original ACP uniform as possible!

It’s as close to the original ACP uniform I can get, as it uses the hiking boots, and the supply bag. The glasses are just for aesthetics as contrary to popular belief, I don’t actually wear glasses. I’ve been told by Koloway that it’s almost identical to his original uniform.

With his older uniform from CPA: The Game, he wore the green letterman as a tribute to the original ACP uniform.

As you can see, it had the Letterman, which is a classic ACP uniform piece.

His signature hair and glasses made a comeback to this uniform as well!

The Hair and Glasses return, but they’re from my ACPTR uniform.

As for Pungu’s neck item with this older uniform, he wears the royal robe, which he wore for good reason!

You can also see the Robe which Koloway granted me permission to use.

But what about the significance behind these items – on both his old and new uniforms?

The glasses and hair on most of the modern outfits are just because of tradition and how cool they look (the jump between square and round glasses was simply a Club Penguin Rewritten problem). The robe is really significant because Koloway personally blessed me with it, which was really big because I look up to Koloway a lot.

As you can see, Pungu takes great pride in his ACP uniforms, and there are a lot more where that came from! His uniforms extend from his uniform as an ACPTR Cadet, to the ACP Hulk during the Third Templars War, to his ACPTR graduation and his Shamrock Bulletin reporting uniforms! And Pungu says that there are more where that came from, he just accidentally deleted his ACP folder which consisted of all his uniforms, ready for any situation.

However, one final question remains for this Colonel – why does he think the ACP uniform is important?

Well from a mushy “we’re all in this together” point of view, it’s because it units us as one faction, as a true “green family”. Each part not only makes us appear less penguin more noble warrior, but further units us as members of one family.

But in general, CPR during a battle looks like this. It’s to go easy on the judges!

And you know what? Penguins in uniform just look heckin cool. If you have a penguin and need to make it cool, give it a uniform. Life advice right there.

Pungu takes pride in wearing the ACP uniform and takes pride in the family aspect of wearing it, and also cites the cool aesthetics of the uniform itself. It is clear that he and Cubster both take pride in wearing the uniform because it emphasises the identity of Army of Club Penguin troops.

What do YOU think? What items that they wear are your favorite? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


ACP Major & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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