Penguin Vogue: Mondo and Chicken

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome to the newest column of the ACP Shamrock Bulletin, Penguin Vogue, where ACP Major Keynikki interviews her fellow troops on their personal uniforms for the army! Today we take a look at Advisor Mondo’s and General Chicken’s uniforms to see what they represent and why they are what they are! Why do they wear the uniforms that they wear, and why do they think that the uniform is important?

Advisor Mondo joined the Army of Club Penguin in early April 2012 and told the Shamrock Bulletin that he created the current uniform he wears in September 2019, when ACP returned for the new CPPS era.

A picture of King Mondo's ACP uniform!

For his head and neck items, Mondo usually wears the red crown and royal robe, calling it a tribute to his full name, King Mondo.

Now, the red crown :crown: and royal robe are an ode to my username, which has not changed since I first enlisted in ACP in April of 2012.

Mondo’s face item consists of a fuzzy beard, giving tribute to his real-life appearance as part of the meaning behind this famous and unique uniform item!

…this is somewhat reflective of my actual beard (softness unparalleled). But more importantly, the fuzzy beard represents some more personal things. Since the beard reflects age and wisdom, it represents my long experience in ACP and the army community, the distinction between my past self and my current state of increased wisdom and patience, and how much I’ve grown over the past 9 years (officially as of early April).

As for his body item, Mondo wears an admiral jacket!

The admiral jacket is something I feel very proud to wear, as it represents my commitment to ACP and my militant-like determination to stick around through thick and thin. It’s also a symbol of how my confidence as a person has evolved over the past several years as I’ve learned a myriad of important leadership skills and life lessons from being actively involved in and highly passionate about this community.

For his hand and feet items, King Mondo wears either pirate boots or green hiking boots, along with a cane!

The cane is also a reference to my age now, but during battles you’ll often see me switch it out for a green acid guitar as I switch most of my uniform to my battle uniform. And the foot item I wear is often the green hiking boots or the pirate boots, but sometimes I’ll just wear whatever I feel like. If it’s the red wool socks, so be it.

King Mondo clearly takes great pride in his own personal uniform, with meaning and symbolism behind each item. The big question remains for him, however: Why does he think that the ACP uniform is important?

I think the our uniforms are important because they give us that feeling of camaraderie and inclusion, essentially we are all part of something much bigger than any one of us alone. But I also believe our own ACP uniforms are significant because while we are indeed all part of something, we each have our identities and personalities, and I think those unique uniforms we create reflect that important understanding.

It appears as though Mondo takes great pride in wearing his ACP uniform for 9 years now, and that each item he wears shows how he has grown over that time span, serving as a symbol of growth, experience, and a tribute to the army!

As for General Chicken’s ACP uniform, he took inspiration for his uniform from his ACP spirit and the aesthetic of the items!

Chicken's uniform (hand item not pictured)

For Chicken’s head item, he wears a golden-winged helmet!

I honestly just picked this one cuz it looked really cool, fun fact though: I spent about 3 hours picking it

As for his face item, Chicken chose the skull mask!

…this has alot of origins. The main two were bc of someone else that also wore it (Chekdar) & also it looked awesome

Chicken also wears the famous royal robe for his neck item – though for a reason different from Mondo’s reason for wearing it!

The robe also looks awesome but its also because of a thing Koloway once said [pictured below]

ACP Legend Koloway gives "Robe Permissions" to several ACP troops, including Chicken.

Chicken wears the classic green letterman jacket as his body item, and for the best reason out there!

The green letterman is self-explanatory – ACP ACP ACP ACP

Though not pictured above, Chicken wears a golden shield as his hand item!

My golden shield is to symbolize my defense of Mammoth from any and all attacks.

And even though Chicken wears boots in his picture, he stated to the Shamrock Bulletin that he wears red shoes on his flippers in battle!

My red shoes were to match the robe tbh

Chicken’s aesthetic-looking uniform includes some classic and famous items that he takes pride in wearing because of the uniqueness and because of his love for ACP. But why does he think that the uniform is important?

I think the ACP uniform is important because it symbolizes the UNITY we have. On the battlefield when we all don our green clothing, our helmets and scream our tactics in unison it makes us the most united community out there. The uniform is our pride and what makes us different from others on the battlefield. We will stand out from the crowd when we win our battles.

It’s clear that both Chicken and Mondo take great pride in wearing the ACP uniform, and have the same point of view on why the ACP uniform is an important part of the army. Mondo wears his uniform as a symbol of his experience, wisdom, and roots in the army, while Chicken wears his uniform due to his ACP spirit and pride!

What do YOU think? What items that they wear are your favorite? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


ACP Major & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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  1. new column!! 😀
    great interviews mondo and chee ken ❤

  2. These uniforms are amazing! Great column ❤

  3. Thanks for another great interview, Nikki!!

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