Top Twenty Armies [02/07/21-02/13/21]

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – As normality continues to return to the army community, we are proud to present the first Top Twenty listing of the year.

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation [80.61] [+0]

[NEW!] 2. Ice Warriors [79.94]

 3. Army of Club Penguin [62.25] [+0]

↓ 4. Help Force [56.17] [-2]

 5. Templars [45.25] [+2]

 6. Silver Empire [42.81] [+0]

↓ 7. Water Vikings [41.25] [-2]

↓ 8. Redemption Force [39.50] [-4]

↓ 9. Special Weapons and Tactics [33.75] [-1]

↓ 10. People’s Imperial Confederation [27.75] [-1]


Armies 11-20


 11. Fire Warriors [26.66] [-1]

[NEW!] 12. Red Ravagers [26.50]

[NEW!] 13. Pizza Federation [21.00]

14. Recon Federation of Club Penguin [19.50] [-3]

[NEW!] 15T. Cries Cult [8.50]

[NEW!] 15T. Royal Penguins [8.50]

[NEW!] 15T. Post Malone Army [8.50]

[NEW!] 15T. Coffee Beans [8.50]

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Top Twenty Trivia

  • The highest event maximum for the week was the Ice Warriors return event on Sunday 7th, where 96 soldiers were noted.
  • The Rebel Penguin Federation held the most events this week, a total of 8.
  • The Templars had the biggest rise this week, moving up two positions from last week, while the Redemption Force had the largest fall, by 4 ranks.
  • Only 6 out of 17 armies held AUSIA division events this week: RPF, IW, ACP, HF, SE and FW.
  • The Ice Warriors, Special Weapons and Tactics, Silver Empire and Water Vikings were the only armies to host battles and therefore claim the higher event quality points.
  • The Silver Empire are the only army to use a custom private server, with all other armies solely using CP Rewritten.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had a busy week with a total of eight events. Their first was an ‘Operation: Paint the Town’ event with 53 troops in attendance. Next, the Rebels logged onto CPR for an AUSIA ‘Operation: Skis the Day’ event with a max of 38. The army then wore Green Grid Hoodies for an ‘Operation: Off the Grid’ event with a peak of 53 rebels. On Wednesday, the Rebel Penguin Federation logged onto CPR for some cheesy tactics and formations with 46 chefs total. The Rebels then held an AUSIA ‘Operation: Ascension’ event with 38 troops. The army then saw an ‘Operation: Roses Are Red’ event with 52 rebels total wearing red and pink outfits. Next, the Rebel Penguin Federation wore matching outfits in an AUSIA ‘Operation: Seeing Double’ event with 41 troops total. Finishing off their week strong, the Rebels held an ‘Operation: Peas in a Pod’ event with a max of 51 troops.

2. Ice WarriorsThe Ice Warriors held a total of five events this week. Their first was a return event on Sunday with a total of 96 troops. Next, the Warriors logged on to CPR for a Training and Minigames Frenzy event with 64 participants total. On Wednesday, the army engaged in a practice battle against SWAT with a peak of 60 warriors. The Ice Warriors then held another return event for their AUSIA division this time with 57 troops in attendance. To finish off their week, the Warriors held a Pizza Takeover event on Saturday with 53 chefs total.

3. Army of Club PenguinThe Army of Club Penguin began their busy week of six events with an AUSIA division ‘Operation: Wrapped Up’, and size of 36 penguins online. This was followed by a peak size of 43 in a US ‘Mission: Deep Dive’, and AUSIA ‘Cupid’s Lens’ event that witnessed 37 soldiers participating. An LGBTQIA+ celebration event titled ‘Operation: Love is Love’ occurred at UK times, and saw 35 online. An internal Valentine’s themed branch battle pit 37 soldiers against each other, and a final ‘Friendship Forever’ event with the Help Force saw a maximum size of 40 achieved.

4. Help ForceThe Help Force held a total of four events this week, their first being a Divisions Inaugural Event with 38 helpers total. Next, their ‘Operation: Find Four’ event saw 29 participants in attendance. The army then logged on for a ‘Cupid’s Helpers’ event for Valentine’s day with over 46 troops. To conclude their week, the Helpers held a Finders Keepers event with the Army of CP on Saturday with a peak of 32 helpers.

5. TemplarsThe Templars week saw them engage in the first war of the HTML5 era, following a declaration of conflict against the Fire Warriors. They held two “battles” against the Warriors, with sizes of 23 and 33 at each, despite their opponent failing to show up. Before these, however, the Templars conducted two war trainings, at which 37 and 27 soldiers were in attendance.

6. Water VikingsThe Water Vikings week consisted of four fun events, the first being an EU division training event with peak size of 21 penguins. Next, a ‘Christmas Tree Takeover’ saw 15 trees in attendance, while a US ‘Pizza Takeover’ witnessed 30 chefs participating. The conclusion of their week was a practice battle against the Silver Empire, in which 35 Vikings were present for their first battle of the year.

7. Redemption ForceThe Redemption Force held a single event, titled ‘Operation: Force’, and 35 penguins were present.

8. Silver EmpireThe Silver Empire had a busy week consisting of 7 events. The first was a US division ‘Silvers Sled Away’ event with 14 in attendance. This was followed by a European ‘Paint Slingers Assemble’ event that peaked at 20, as well as an AUSIA ‘Calling All Fours’ event at which 15 penguins were noted. A ‘Brown Bat Attack Takeover’ continued their streak of events, with size of 17, and was succeeded by an AUSIA Card Jitsu Showdown, with size of 13. A US division ‘Karate Penguins’ event then witnessed a maximum size of 11 Silvers. Finally, to conclude their week, a battle was held against the Water Vikings, and 26 penguins were present.

9. Special Weapons and TacticsThe Special Weapons and Tactics held a total of four events this week. Their first was a ‘Mission 2’ event with 12 troops total. Next, SWAT held an unscheduled event with 21 troops in attendance. On Wednesday, the army engaged in a practice battle against the Ice Warriors with a max of 14. To conclude their week, SWAT hosted a Battle Training event on Friday with a total of 16 troops.

10. People’s Imperial ConfederationThe People’s Imperial Confederation started their week with a painting event, seeing 16 troops in attendance. Afterward, they held a U-Lead event for thier members with a max 13. On Friday, they held a Blue Parade, peaking at 10 penguins. To conclude their week, the PIC hosted a drilling event, achieving a steady max of 16 once more.

Where did YOUR army place in this weeks Top Twenty Armies? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!

Top Ten Calculations Team

Sophie, Zamb, and Max

Top Ten Writing Committee

Caramel, Sophie and Max

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  1. Well done to all the armies this week!

  2. ooo interesting!

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