Secret Valentines 2021

Hey ACP!

Got a message you want to leave a special someone this Valentines? Whether it’s to show your appreciation, your love, or you really do have a special someone 👀, ACP’s diligent messengers have you covered!

Working 24/7, our Valentines Messenger team will get your Secret Valentine Message sent to your recipient with a special card. Whether it’s to an acquaintance, a close friend, or a romantic interest, we’ve got you all covered!


  • You may submit more than one message to different people, or even the same person!
  • There is an option to remain anonymous to the recipient
  • Please make sure all content is appropriate
  • Submissions will be closed by 13th February, 11 PM EST
  • The recipient has to be in the ACP Discord server for us to send the message.

To send a message, simply fill in the form below:

💕Best wishes this Valentines!💕

ACP Leader

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  1. Exciting!!

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