Battle Brilliance: Powerprimate and Cherry Cherry

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Good morning, good evening, and goodnight! Welcome to the first-ever edition of Battle Brilliance, written by Colonel Myth. Every week, we ask individuals about their favorite battles since being enlisted in the Army of Club Penguin. What kinds of responses will we receive today?

In this week’s edition, we asked Captain Powerprimate and Major Cherry Cherry about their favorite battles since they first enlisted within the Clover Defenders. Both are veteran troops with many months of experience in the army. With such a large variety of events to choose from, which battle will be their favorite?

Powerprimate, otherwise known as Power, first joined the ranks of the Army of Club Penguin in January 2020. She also recently celebrated her one-year anniversary with a post for the Shamrock Bulletin. Since Power has been involved in the army for some time, she has seen her fair share of battles. However, one that strikes her to be a favorite above all others is her first event. She said the following about the subject: 

My favorite battle is actually my first ever event I attended. I cannot remember the name of it, but the idea was the ACP was tasked to defeat aliens controlled by Plok. Plok and the aliens’ plan was to take over the ACP server.

A picture of Power’s favorite event

Cherry Cherry has also been serving for more than a year. Consequently, she is no stranger to battle and has also seen a plethora of memorable events. Like Power, however, Cherry also enjoys ACP branch battles and cited the Heros vs. Villians branch battle to be her favorite. Cherry gave a statement about it below:

One of my favorite battles was the Heroes vs Villains branch battle! Although Heroes won, team Villains is clearly the best team 😉 It was really fun to dress up in cool costumes and do new tactics.

Our first edition of the Battle Brilliance column is already painting a peculiar pattern–it seems that many troops prefer branch battles. This may not come as a surprise since our Higher Command staff work incredibly hard to develop creative and fun themes for these events. What other kinds of responses will we receive in the upcoming weeks? Will the favor towards branch battles continue, or was today’s edition a mere coincidence? 

What do YOU think? What’s your favorite battle since enlisting within the Clover Defenders? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


ACP Colonel & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

2 Responses

  1. Great choices, Cherry & Power!

  2. Amazing post! and very interesting choices!

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