Looking Back At 12 Months With Commander-in-Chief CSY


BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – January 27th marks exactly 12 months since Commander-in-Chief CSY was inaugurated into the role. To celebrate, the Shamrock Bulletin reporting team has assembled our list of 12 moments across 12 months!

January 27th: Inauguration

Words by Max

The 27th marked Koloway’s final day as ACP leader, concluding his two month reign. The 27th also saw Panel of Guardian Mchappy inaugurate second-in-commands CSY and Kailey into the Commander-in-Chief position. While the Army of CP was in a dire state, filled with low troop morale and inactivity, these two offered new hope for the army. Yet the next 8 days that followed would test CSY to his limits, as internal conflict was rife and the ACP lost a difficult battle to the Rebel Penguin Federation. On February 3rd, Kailey stepped down from the leadership rank and CSY became the sole leader of the Army of Club Penguin. Little did he, nor anyone else in the army community, know what was to come in the next exciting 12 months.

February 22nd: The War of Invictus Injustice

Words by Max

After several weeks of re-organisation, recruiting and rebuilding the Army of CP’s internal structure, the army saw its first war under CSY’s leadership. On February 22nd, CSY formally announced the declaration of war on the Roman army, citing reasons of troop stealing and excessive multilogging from leader Darklink. Across the next week, there would be five heated battles and appearances from the Recon Federation too. The conflict finally ended on March 1st with an Army of CP 5-0 victory. The final battle saw the ACP reach 26 soldiers online and an early forfeit from the Romans. The first of many wars the ACP would enter under CSY, and certainly one to remember.

March 20th: A Force To Be Reckoned With

Words by Max

Upon return from a short temporary leave, CSY led the Army of Club Penguin soldiers into an intense battle against the Help Force. This battle truly marks a turn in the Army of CP’s course, as the army secured a 3-0 victory with size of 43 penguins online. Just two weeks after the army was averaging sizes of 25 in a war against the Romans, they were now peaking above 40 in their events and battles. This paved the way for more success as just 8 days later the army peaked 70 penguins in a three-way battle. The ACP, under CSY, was becoming a force to be reckoned with.

April 27th: World War Rewritten

Words by Cubster

The Army of CP continued to rise as they entered the CP Army Media Premier League tournament, and battled an array of armies: Pizza Federation, Help Force, and an unfortunate defeat against the Rebel Penguin Federation in the last league match – but all with great sizes. This saw the ACP advance into the grand finals, only to come short-handed to the Rebel Penguin Federation once more. However, tension began to rise between these two world powers and a declaration of war against the ACP emerged alongside sensitive information gathered through Higher Command moles and broken Discord permissions. While many would collapse under the pressure, CSY did not, and formed a plan of action quickly. CSY assembled an almighty alliance with many of the ACP’s ally armies, including the Chaos. Countless battles followed in the conflict dubbed ‘World War Rewritten‘, and the ACP successfully defended their capital Mammoth while gaining possession of RPF Capital Tuxedo.

May 6th: Bronze Medal Award

Words by Cubster

After a week of heated exchanges, the month of May saw the end of World War Rewritten with both sides agreeing to a ceasefire. Mchappy awarded CSY and Max with the prestigious Bronze Medal Award for their efforts and bravery during the war. As Club Penguin Online ceased its operation, armies reunited on the ‘CPA: The Game’ private server. The Army of CP sees its first action after the merger with a dominant victory over the Water Vikings, achieving sizes of 58 soldiers. Another war occurred soon after mass troop stealing was carried out by the Coup Crusaders, but within two days they had surrendered and another victory was added to CSY’s collection.

June 14th: The Valuable Lesson

Words by Cubster

The Clover Defenders started the month of July by competing in the highly anticipated Legends Cup X. Notable ACP and army figures, Flipmoo and Shaboomboom returned to take their PoG role. After cruising through the first couple of rounds, maxing 47 against Jungle Warriors and 58 against Pizza Federation – CSY’s clovers faced a tough challenge in the quarter-finals against the Ice Warriors. The ACP soldiers prepared hard, recruiting non-stop just to fall short in a bitter defeat, though breaking ACP’s CPPS size record with an 80-person attendance count. The defeat impacted the army, plummeting motivation to an all-time low at the time. But the Clover Defenders stuck together through thick and thin, regrouped and regained their previous momentum, winning battles against Doritos and Water Vikings with respectable sizes. Legends never die.

July 8th: We Are Innovation

Words by Fatchicken88

On July 8th, CSY published a post on the ACP website divulging plans for the community run newspaper dubbed ‘The Shamrock Bulletin‘. This post included future columns and activities that it would cover, such as monthly ACP fan art compilations, interviews with various community members and many more fun and interesting activities and posts. This action-packed newspaper is still running to this day, and is the perfect example of CSY’s ability to continue innovating within the army.

August 10th: Third Clover Crusade

Words by Fatchicken88

August arrived and so did the Third Clover Crusade against the Templars, commencing after the Templars showed multiple displays of homophobia, racism, bullying of small/medium armies and slander against the ACP. In the wake of two successful invasions of the only server the Templars had in their empire – Vanilla – as per the league rules, the war ended in an ACP victory on August 15th with a treaty being forced upon the Templars. CSY and the ACP proved they stood for what is morally right by publicly taking a stand against the Templars and their behaviour.

September 29th: 14th Anniversary

Words by Fatchicken88

During the week of September 29th, the Army of CP had an assortment of activities and events in honor of their 14 year anniversary. Kicking off with a throwback to the older days of ACP in a Xat-lead event on the 24th. This was followed up with an Alpha vs Echo scuffle the next day, led by ACP legends. The day afterwards saw an AUSIA legend-led event followed by a UK PoG-led event. The second-to-last event of the week was a large free-for-all battle between ACP and its allies, seeing massive sizes from all those attending. To finish off the week of festivities, the ACP Anniversary Prom was held with a record-breaking max of 88!

October 25th: The Redemption

Words by Tina

On the 25th, the ACP faced off against the Ice Warriors in the semi-finals of the Fright or Fight tournament. With a massive size advantage and well-organized tactics, the ACP won in the semi-finals with a final score of 2-0-1. This battle saw yet another record broken under CSY’s leadership, with a max size of 113. The ACP obliterated its previous size record of 88, set just a month earlier. CSY awarded two Bronze Medals this month to Daniel and Cubeoid. They both did exceptional jobs in recruiting new soldiers. Not only that, but Daniel established Legion Español, and Cubeoid was awarded for his stellar attendance despite being in the AUSIA division.

November 1st: The Top Ten Army

Words by Tina

The first of November kicked off yet another month of amazing achievements under CSY’s reign. The ACP broke its size record just a week after the previous record set in the Fright or Fight semi-finals, maxing 116 soldiers. Additionally, CSY’s hard work as leader brought ACP to the top of the Top Ten Armies list on CP Army Hub — a full ten points higher than the second place army, RPF. The first day of the month also saw CSY being awarded the prestigious Silver Medal Award for his exemplary leadership, in addition to his aforementioned achievements in the past few days.

December 20th: The Ace of AUSIA

Words by Tina

December continued CSY’s streak of records. On the 20th, the ACP faced the Help Force in the Aces of AUSIA finals, reaching a record max for AUSIA of 77. On Christmas, he brought the ACP and the Help Force together as brother allies. The next day, he joined the ranks of Shaboomboom and Oagalthorp, as he was inducted as a CPA Legend for his exceptional work during his tenure as leader. The year finished off with the end of a week-long war against SWAT, along with CSY being awarded Runner-up for CP Army Hub’s Person of the Year.

Wow, what a year it has been! For the past 12 months we have been very lucky to have such an intelligent, wise and loving leader. What will the next 12 months have to offer ACP and CSY’s leadership? 

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


ACP Sergeant Major & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter


ACP Field General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter


ACP Field Marshal & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter


ACP Field Marshal & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

3 Responses

  1. Lovely post summing up all the achievements of CSY’s amazing leadership these past 12 months! Congrats on that year, CSY! Can’t wait for what’s to come this 2021

  2. What an insane 12 months!!! Thank you CSY for everything!

  3. “What will the next 12 months have to offer ACP and CSY’s leadership? ” God I hope not (watch this age TERRIBLY)
    Thank you very much Tina, Max, Cubby, Chicken for the amazing words. I’ve never kept a record of what happened, but reading back to the days where we were still struggling to hit 20, to what we have accomplished in the last year is a true testament to the power of this community.

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