What ACP Means To Me


BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – What does the Army of Club Penguin really mean to its members?

14 Years.
7000+ server members.
30 Moderators.
6 Advisors/supervisors.
1 Commander-in-Chief.
4 POG.

Now, those numbers are cool – don’t get me wrong! I joined the ACP when the server had less than 1000 members, and the feeling of community here is second to none. In that time I have become extremely proud of the community established, this is truly a family I am proud to be a part of. 

While I could speak on this for a lifetime, I contacted a variety of army members to find out what the ACP really means to them.

What The ACP Means To Me

When I first joined ACP my life changed like literally my whole life, I met so many new people, made alot of new friends. If Shane didn’t recruit me I would have been missing a huge opportunity, Thank you Shane for recruiting me in this amazing community. ACP means a lot to me and I mean it.

– Annie

ACP means a lot to me. Ever since I joined I never thought I’d get this attached to penguins. On sad days people here make you happy. On good days they embrace the goodness with you. The love is unreal. They keep surprises from you for over a month and then invite you to places that make you cry over all the love you receive. This isn’t an army, it’s a place that people call home. A green home. I’ve been here for a bit over a year now and I’d never take back anything. The downfalls which brought us back up stronger than ever before. The unreal friendships, the love, the jokes and the tears we all cry together. Green is the colour of home and I’d never forget my second family

– Kailey

It means that I have people that I can laugh and chill with and a place where iI can feel somewhat normal since there’s other people that have similar issues. It also allows me to have somewhere that i can be myself more.

– Skylar

It’s been a pretty epic experience and I’m glad to meet some very noice new peeps and gamers through the ACP.


ACP means opportunity to me. ACP gave me the chance to meet a new set of people who I would have probably never met otherwise. It gave me the chance to find and make an online friend group who I can continue to rely on and trust for both digital and real-life support. It gave me the chance to play with different skills, like making graphics. I wasn’t good at it, but I’m not sure what other reason I would have had for playing around with GIMP.

– Shaboomboom

To me, ACP is a community. Even more so, some members are really close friends, and almost family. It means a lot, and is usually my go-to place if I need to vent, find help with anything, or just to have fun in general.

Cherry Cherry

ACP means still a lot to me there a lot of people who helped me thru my saddest day and supported me no matter of my gender my age or anything they support me for who I am and you have no idea how much being supported means when you’re in lockdown. I still remember the day I joined when I dmed Kailey she was so nice and I felt so welcomed after that Kailey gave me my ranks I started to talk in chat and I met the most amazing people and of course my friends that stand behind me day or night. so because they standing behind me I made the panda emote just to be like a little thank you from me about every advice and all the support I got. and gladLy it got accepted. without ACP I would have been lost. and I won’t know have know what would have happened to me… but gladly ACP had my back and I cant thank you people enough.


Let me start off by saying that I love all of u. I’ve come to know the good and bad side of everyone but in the end, we are all family no matter what! What ACP truly means to me? Well, a lot! ACP has become an amazing, loving community family where I feel at home! We are like no other army and couldn’t be prouder to part of this journey with u guys! I have had lots of ups and downs from the almost 3 months I’ve been here but It all has been worth it. I can’t wait to work side by side with u guys once I become a MOD and I definitely cant wait to see how far my journey takes me here. I’ve met so many people here that I call friends and family who I’ve come so close to that I’ve never thought I’d be so attached to. Such an amazing community of people. No matter what happens I will forever hold my hand and salute proudly and say, Green Together Family Forever! None of this would be possible if I hadn’t of met Clover KaileyI thank her every day, every time I come to the server, may not be through text but in my heart!


ACP is where I finally found that sense of belonging that I’ve been yearning for my entire life. IRL, I’m not very popular, which makes me feel like an outcast among my own people. That’s not the case here. Never has ACP kicked me to the curb and only come to me if nobody else is available. I finally feel accepted as an equal to so many people in my age group, something that never, ever happened IRL. You guys have grown beyond a large friend group for me; you’re my second family. I can’t thank each and every one of you enough for your love, kindness, support, and friendship. Y’all really changed my life for the better. You guys mean the world to me, and I’m so grateful and blessed that you feel the same about me.

Shadow Saint

Ever since I joined ACP, it has been one of the most loving servers I’ve ever been on. ACP is like a heartwarming family; we stand strong for each other, it doesn’t matter if it is the saddest times of the happiest as long as we stick together. I haven’t been in ACP for a year, but it has taught me to be more independent and to make more friends. It may not be my regular people I hang out with every day, or it may not be people I talk to often, but it feels like the only place where I can relate to others. Being with ACP has been an amazing journey so far; moreover, there are so many amazing people you’ll ever meet. I wish and hope for people who are out there might find this a great opportunity to try out new things. I love being part of ACP so much, it has helped me heaps to find more opportunities out in the world.


ACP is like a family to me, it’s something that I will remember forever. I will always cherish the crazy times we have had in VC, and spamming the chat with lyrics early in the morning. I’m thankful for all the good people I have encountered, like all of HCOM and a handful of troops, it’s nice having people there for me. Thanks a lot, ACP ❤


Well, ACP means a lot to me. When I go to the main chat I have a lot of fun, I have nice memories in this place, like all those fun game nights we do, everyone is very nice and it makes me happy to see that I am in this amazing community, also I’m really grateful that I made so many good friends because of ACP.


ACP means a lot to me! Since the day I joined, I’ve been having a ton of fun here and really enjoying the community. Be it pinging HCOM or just annoying people with stfu emotes, ACP is fun. Especially the friends I’ve made here, I wouldn’t be here without them in all honesty.

Action Spark

Well, I guess that I can say that ACP means family to me. ACP is very special because sometimes it actually feels like an escape from the real world and my problems. back there in June, I was looking for some distraction and something to lean on – and ACP is the right place for this, is where we can lean on each other. so since June, I’m part of the best community I could ask for, a family where we support and love each other even in the hardest times. and that’s what ACP means to me.

– Enigma

ACP means a lot to me because they were the place that gave me a chance, I was just some random person who wanted to join after Elites got shut down (as Scorp had convinced me too) and I don’t regret it at all. ACP chat never fails to make me laugh and the troops, staff and HCOM are all so dedicated. It means a lot to me because no matter what we are all one big family. I’ve met people here who I don’t know what I’d do without now and made memories that I can look back on always. For this I thank ACP.


ACP means so many different things to me and each of them are reasons for me to stay with ACP. Firstly, there is a mood in the community of improvement: so many of us are constantly trying to better ourselves, those around us and the community as a whole. Thinking about ACP also reminds me of the relationships I have forged with so many people: since I joined, I have always been struck by the openness of our community to say hey to each other, make bad jokes and ask each other what’s up if something seems wrong. Overall, ACP is a community that I am proud to be a member of. From the people within it to the values that our leadership hold: acceptance, trust and safety, I am extremely grateful for the work everyone puts in to make our community like it is.

– Agent Frog

The Army of CP has never been numbers, nor will it ever be. The ACP is a family.


ACP General

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  2. Amazing what a group of penguins can do ❤

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