Updates on CPR’s HTML5 Transition!

Hello ACP! Its Gugs here coming at you to talk about CPR’s Transition to HTML5!

As we know Flash died around 2 weeks ago (rip Flash) and so shortly after this CPR started to make their transition to HTML5! They expected the new client to be out soon after Flash was discontinued but as it’s not out yet, this leads us along to a few questions!

How far along is the transition?
At the moment, the CPR team have said on their Twitter they are “still working on finalising everything”, this includes bugs fixes and transferring all 8 million accounts that were registered to CPR. This was said to have “taken a while due to a lot of trial and error with the transfers” suggesting that this is what held up CPR being back up and running.

They have stated on their Twitter that “our main focus right now is working on the in-game chat filter and some small little things”. They have also urged players to be patient with this because they cannot release the game without the in-chat filter.

So looking at this, the transition is nearly done, CPR is just working to finalise and add small details. They want to get the game back out just as much as we want to play it.

When can we expect to see the game out?
The transfer seems to be going along well with only a few small bumps in the road, however, due to multiple bugs – including the in-game chat filter not functioning – as well as account transfers not being completed, it is most likely to release near the end of the month.

So what we have concluded from this is that we’re gonna have to wait for a little bit longer before we can get back to normal.

That’s for all folks! Hang in there we’ll be back to spamming emotes with our penguins soon 😉

ACP Liutetant Generak

2 Responses

  1. Nice post tia!!

  2. Because Im really busy I can’t be available for anything else other than cp now, so I’ll wait until the end of the month to attend to another event. If I need to be demoted because of this so be it. I can’t wait until it begins.

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