Thank you, ACP

December 27th, 2020.


It honestly comes as a shock to me to be inducted as a CPA legend. I think though, I owe it all to the people of the ACP – every troop that has attended (even those that only came for giveaways XD), every “WE RISE FROM THIS”, “DEFEND FREEDOM PRESERVE JUSTICE” uttered in main or CPA, every veteran that has come back to be shocked by the lack of snowball throwing, and every staff member that has put in time and effort into the army.

Staff in ACP is definitely not an easy job – they are the crux of our army’s functioning – from the familiar faces that host games for the community every week, to everything else they do behind the scenes. Thank you for your work, all current and ex-Moderators.

I really do have to thank Higher Command too, for all the work they put in to make things work when I’m asleep. Throughout most of OG, AUSIA was generally a very overlooked division – little AUSIA people would make it to the leadership spot, and ACP has been one of the kindest to this small division. This made a lot of sense – for when most of the community is awake, AUSIA is sleeping. So, for ACP to be able to accommodate people of all nations, we truly have the diligent Higher Command to thank – people that have worked just as hard, if not even harder than me at times, to keep ACP going.

I’ve been leading since January 27th, 2020. Most of the current Higher Command have been here for almost as long, if not in the army for even longer than I have. The work and dedication they put in has made ACP… possible. I think in this moment of celebration, I have to recognize my team for all their efforts.

(Listed in alphabetical order)

2funky3 – I don’t think any leader has ever written a goodbye post that has been longer than the person’s own retirement. I think that itself speaks volumes to how much I’m thankful for the work you’ve done.

Brad – Brad and I go way back, long before ACP. You took me under your wing in DCP 2015, building one of the most consistent AUSIAs back in the day. You’re a madman at whatever you do – be it, armies or real life – thank you for always pushing to build ACP.

Cubby – Cubby brings with him a sort of hype and energy – whether it is with mentorship or recruiting. I’m sure the mods will vouch for how easy he is to talk to, and how his energy in an almost osmotic way motivates the people around him, rekindling their drive to push when we most need it.

Kailey133 – The only way to describe Kailey would be like a flame, lighting up every dark room she enters. You’ll come into chat and get everyone screaming with the most random crap ever; you never cease to make us all laugh.

Kailey310 – I have nothing but respect for you, Kailey. I do not know if I would have the resolve to keep grinding after the turbulent past we had, but you truly embody what it means to be ACP. Clovers, attendance – you are the first person that troops come into contact with, and you make sure they feel welcomed into the army. The work you put behind the scenes to keep this working is unparalleled.

Koloway – Koloway, you are one of the most outspoken people I know. I think at the end of the day, you act in what you think is best for the army. Thank you for helping me (you know in what ways), and always being there for ACP.

Max – It takes a good friend to support someone, no matter what they choose. It takes a great friend to speak out against someone, for what they believe in. Max manages to do both. Me and Max, we have disagreed on a lot – but this, I know, is out of passion for the army. You truly keep the army running whilst I am asleep – the amount of grind and consistency – from posting events to ACPTR – that takes a truly respectable amount of grit. Thank you for supporting me with whatever I choose, whatever your position on the matter is.

McHappy – I think truly, the job of the PoG is not easy. HCom, moderators come to me with problems – and I go to Mchappy with mine. I’m secretly convinced there’s a PoG for the PoG for Mchappy to rant to. Many ex leaders have told me horror stories about PoG being overbearing – Mchappy manages to give ACP the autonomy to grow, whilst making sure we’re doing what we can to build a better community. Thank you for always supporting my decisions.

Mondo – Mondo is the advisory equivalent of the PoG – known for his intellect and very, very, very long essays, he is truly willing to support, and help ACP in every way he can. The work he does behind the scenes, talking to people and mentoring members makes him perhaps the first person to put any weight to the position of advisory.

Robot – Robot brings to the team a very different perspective – as a CPA vet and ex RPF leader, he’s always had a sort of instinct as to what would work and what wouldn’t. Your timezone makes you one of the most reliable people for a last minute event, and you’re always down to help in any way you can.

Zelly – It’s insane to me that you find the motivation to work and help ACP albeit our rocky beginning. Thank you for being the first to give me a chance during the dark beginnings; thank you for taking the rank and working hard afterwards. What we brought to ACP was a system of organization that I believe to this day is a great part of our success.

The ACP HCom is why ACP has been successful – the staff of ACP are all legends in their own right. These people have shown dedication beyond doubt, proving themselves time after time to be here for us, not just in our most glorious, max 116 periods, but also our drops. We rise, and we keep rising, thanks to all the work of our predecessors, the people now, and the people that will follow us.


CPA Legend
ACP Leader

5 Responses

  1. congrats brother you deserve it more than anyone and ill always be here to support you and the ACP. united we rise ❤

  2. Congrats CSY! Well done GTFF ill forever be glad to know you and work beside you

  3. In my 12 years being a part of ACP I have not been this proud in a very long time. CSY, your leadership in ACP continues to reign and make everyone proud. Because of your leadership, we have reached sizes of 116+. Congrats, friend! Green together, family forever, and we will continue to rise from here!

  4. We rise from this brother congratulations ❤

  5. Congrats CSY! ❤

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