Aces of AUSIA: Round Two Information & Times

Addressed to the Club Penguin Army Hub & community

The staff team and I are pleased to announce the round two information and times for the first ever major army AUSIA tournament, Aces of AUSIA.

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[UK] Quest: Mountain Expedition! – Results


Hey ACP! Today we logged on Bunny Hill, CPArmies for our Quest: Mountain Expedition Event, We had a lot of fun on this event, The expedition was a bit hard but we finished the quest!

We were able to max 36 penguins!

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[AUSIA] Bring Your Own Puffle Mod Lead!-Results

Heya, ACP!

Today we logged onto a 1 bar server! Sleet! We had tons of fun with our puffles and the event went really well! we were able to max 32! 😀

Max- 32

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