Aces of AUSIA: Round One Information & Times

Addressed to the Club Penguin Army Hub & community

Once again, the staff team and I are pleased to announce the first formal AUSIA tournament to be held in the community slated for December 2020. With that in mind, we bring to you the information and times for the first round and The Great AUSIA Gathering.

The Aces of AUSIA will commence on November 28th, 2020 on CP Armies. All future battle information will be posted on the Army of Club Penguin website including reviews of each battle. Judges will be requested through CPAH’s #judge-request chat as well. Before we get into what to expect on the first weekend of the AOA, let’s go over the rules again first.

And with that out of the way, let’s get on with it.

What would a tournament be without an Opening Ceremony? The Great AUSIA Gathering will be the first major event of the Aces of AUSIA to be held on November, 28th. All armies will be assigned to a room on the map on the same server. Armies will be free to do whatever they wish in their assigned room (like take good event pictures) and will have to stay in their assigned room for 10 minutes. The first, and only, room change will see all the armies entering the Snow Forts for a free-for-all battle that will last 5 minutes. We are expecting to be a lot of lag and people trying to enter the room at the same time so to combat this we have come up with a set of rules:

  1. Since this is a Great Gathering, no formations are allowed.
  2. OG tactics (emotes and word tactics still allowed, just clumped together)/snowballs only.
  3. What does this mean? This means, for example, Army A can be clumped together at the top of the Snow Forts on the upper fort while Army B is clumped together at the bottom of the Snow Forts on the lower fort. Army C may be in the middle of the room. Army D more towards the Stadium.

The Great AUSIA Gathering

Saturday, November 28th

Server: White House

9AM EST | 2PM UK/GMT | 12AM AEST | 11PM JST | 10PM SGT | 7:30PM IST

Now let’s get on to the brackets. We had the idea of doing a losers bracket, but with only 9 armies that won’t be as easily done. Instead, the two armies that lose at Semi-Finals will go head to head for 3rd place before the Finals.

Round One Times

Sunday, November 29th

Lava Crusaders


Secret Service

9AM EST | 2PM UK/GMT | 12AM AEST | 11PM JST | 10PM SGT | 7:30PM IST

Good luck to both armies! Since we had an odd number amount of armies join, we needed to get through this bracket first before moving on to the next round.

This concludes the first information dump of the Aces of AUSIA. I wanted to give a personal thank you to all the armies who have agreed to participate in this historic event. I know firsthand the difficulty and struggles of building together an AUSIA division, but it really means a lot to me that you are all willing to give this tournament a chance. I think it’s important we remember as armies that we forge our own path and continue to innovate, as this is the only way armies can grow. Please join me in making this one of the most memorable, fun, tournaments of our generation.

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Guardian

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  1. Get Haunted by the Dark

  2. acp for the win e7 e7

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