ACP Civil War: A Busy Break Day (Day 5 Recap)


MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Capital – 24th December 1914. The Christmas truce saw an unofficial ceasefire between all armies on the Western Front, in which soldiers from France, Germany, Russia, Austria, and UK all came together to play football, exchange gifts and sing carols, before returning to all out war on the 27th. 
Break day was supposed to be that for us – an unofficial truce between Alpha and Echo, to enjoy games together – but war quickly broke out between the two divisions – this time, on a battlefield other than Club Penguin.

On 17th September, 2020, the Army of Club Penguin announced a break from all the battling, scheduling an array of games for both sides to take a break. However, in true competitive spirit, the Alphas and Echoes challenged each other to prove mastery over these games.
Game Challenge: Hardcore Cart Surfing
Okay but seriously, why is this mode called cart surfing? Where’s the water? The Alphas showed domination once again in this minigame, Chek proved his mastery over bootleg Temple Run with an insane score of 295350.
Chek‘s 1st place submission
2nd place: Mizzy, with a score of 91810

3rd place: Sawfishpro, with a score of 82000

War Score: 86

The Alphas continued their winning streak in games, literally engulfing the Echoes in a game of, in which Chungus brought home the victory for the Alphas.

War Score: 87

UK: The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword (

In the ultimate test of drawing and guessing, a close match between the Alphas and the Echoes saw Yas (a traitor to the Echoes!!) come out on top, with Lily and Kimi coming close at 2nd and 3rd place.
War Score: 88

US: Queer Eye – A Fashion Show
Putting down the Viking Helmets, and removing the war gear for the day, the Echoes and Alphas went into a flurry of closet changes, in an attempt to win “best outfit” in multiple categories.
Category 1: Back to School 
Winner: Daniel

Category 2: A Day at the Beach

Winner: Yasmini
Category 3: Over the Rainbow
Winner: Kailey310

Category 4: Historical

Winner: Lily
Category 5: Division Pride
Winner: Chungus
And with a score of 32, the Echoes have been deemed the overall victors of the fashion show!
War Score: 98

We began today with a war score of 8-5 – but the Alpha proved their mastery over games today, catching up to an extremely close war score of 9-8 to the Echoes. With the Civil War continuing to rage on, will the Alphas eventually be able to pull ahead with their skills in games? Or will the Echoes eventually take home the victory?

Shamrock Bulletin Producer 
i just realized i can rank myself 

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