Declaration of War on the Alpha Division

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin.

The Echo Division herby declares war on the Alpha Division.

I – Captain Max – leader of the Army of Club Penguin’s Echo Division, declare war against Iron Funky’s Alpha division. This is with immediate effect.

For too long have we let the Alpha division use tactics like “FEELING BLUE?” or the dreaded “YOUR MOT HER IS…”. For too long has Funky said the Irish accent is better when the British accent is clearly superior. For too long has Zelly told Scarlett Kailey her clown costume isn’t iconic. The ‘CSY SMELLS’ jokes have gone on long enough, and even though he does smell, it’s not as bad as the Alpha’s are making out. And for far too long, the Alpha Division has not taken the time to read Falcon Mondo’s giant novels on the ACP website! No more!

It’s time for action, and the Echo division will not stop until the Alpha division is defeated. This is going to be a big week, so buckle in!

Our victory will Echo through these halls.

Captain Max
Nick CSY Fury
Scarlett Kailey
Falcon Mondo
The Echo Division

Can someone delve further into the MCU Civil War Teams- whether you've seen  the film or not? - Quora

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  2. echo echo echo echo

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